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Report of Draft Resolution Process in Cochabamba

31st, May, 2012
Report of Draft Resolution Process in Cochabamba

Below is a draft resolution on Human Rights, Sexual Oreintation and Gender Identity. What we have learnt is that the Holy See sought to weaken this resolution by encouraging Peru to modify it with reference to marriage between a man and a woman. The goal it seems was to weaken support among member states. What we learnt is that six countries supported the resolution, this included Urugauy, Costa Rica, Salvador, Argentina, US, and Canada. The Caribbean region did not work to block the resolutions in anyway, like in pass years, but interestingly enough, Costa Rica, a conservative country is a sponsor of the resolution. The process of support or sponsorship is important because the process by the OAS is about decisions by consensus. Highlighted are the important areas of concerns which I believe is achieveable in advocating for systematic change of rights enforcement. I must note that while we have used one of the resolution …

LGBT expereinces in Latin America-trends for Belize

May  31st, 2012

As members came in today in Cochabamba, Bolivia at the Hotel Plaza Ceaser. Activists reported from Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica.
Guatemala Report:
Found out that in Guatemala, they used her identity to detain her as her invitation letter was not considered legitimate. We learnt in Nicaragua the airline charge the person $50 more dollars. 80% of the murders documented happen happen in latin america. For Guyana, the police take the sex workers monies, ask for sexual favors and harass. When money is taken out of a trans person mouth who already is discriminated is creates food security for the individual
Honduras Report: In less than 2 years over 37 LGBT person have been killed after Honduras Coup de'tat. One the first day a transwoman was killed. Just a few days ago a human rights defender was killed. People are generally stoned in the head or chest. A few have been strangled, burnt and mutilated. LGBT in an effort to address disrimination had a conference in 2010 t…

Belize IDAHO Actions, May 17th, 2012

As part of our Social Media Advocacy Work for IDAHO a couple of our  supporters taped their mouths to protest the Silence of Homophobia in Belize on May 17th, 2012.

A Page for IDAHO was set up with 55 persons accepting the challenge to commemorate May 17th, 2012. See link for information...

As we recognized the need to increase visibility around homophobia a call was made to have supporters in Belize Change their status to IDAHO. This message below was circulated to supporters we also got right wing thinker Luis Wade to encourage people to post Corinthians 6:9-11 on his PLUSTV rise and shine.

Homophobia manifests itself in Belize in many ways, ranging from very subtle to violent and deadly. Discrimination in the workplace or at school, bullying, disownment by family, violent attacks, and most tragically even homicides DO occur in Belize as a direct result of ho…

IDAHO- Belize Plans

Forget the Homosexual-I am the real Criminal

Forget the Homosexuals – I am the Real Criminal by Brent Toombs on Sunday, May 6, 2012 at 3:48pm ·
The most important five words in Section 53 of the laws of Belize are “against the order of nature”.  Those words form the foundation for the argument presented by religious fundamentalists, and others, who believe their own interpretation of biblical scripture, their own particular brand of faith, and their own definitions of what is “normal” and “natural” should dictate how, why and (most importantly) to whom our laws are applied.

“Against the order of nature” does not specifically single out men who have sex with men or women who have sex with women, nor any particular sexual activity practiced exclusively by gays or lesbians.  Yet many people who lobby in favour of the continued criminalization of homosexuality in Belize defend their position by quoting scripture, declaring that “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”, and pointing out the biologically accurate fact th…