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Anglican bishops reject same-sex marriage

Friday, April 26, 2013
THE leadership of the Anglican Church in the West Indies has issued a firm rejection of same-sex marriage and has urged Caribbean Governments to resist attempts at compromise from outside the region. In a draft provincial statement on same-sex unions issued yesterday, the House of Bishops and Standing Committee of the Church in the Province of the West Indies said that they were aware that Caribbean political leaders were being subjected to pressures from nations and institutions from outside the region. "Frequently they are pressured to conform to the changes being undertaken in their redefinition of human sexuality and same-sex unions, under threat of economic sanctions and the loss of humanitarian aid," the bishops said. "We urge our leaders of government and of civil society, as well as the people of our nations, to resist any attempt to compromise our cultural and religious principles regarding these matters. "The dangling o…

The Prevention Summit- A Civil Society Act of Health and Rights Action

25th April, 2013

Today, 60 individuals joined in a three day seminar to look at new research for most at risk population including men who have sex with men, sex workers, adolescents etc. Day one looked at the strong human rights framework under which prevention must occur and the contradictions of Belize having strong policies and signing on to international treaty obligation, but failing to systematizing its strong human rights framework on paper into practice. Of note the Executive Director, Dr. Martin Cuellar of the National AIDS Commission spoke at lengthen to the issue of stigma and discrimination and the work we are doing here at UniBAM. Part of the the speech said:

We now know that one population has over ten times more prevalence of HIV than any other population in Belize. Nevertheless, the NAC nor the CCM and not even the Informational Educational and Communication Committee has never sat down to discuss this fact and strategise a response. We simply must mainstream the reduc…

The Gospel According to Louis Farrakhan in Belize

Reported: 22nd, April, 2013

April 6, 2013 by The Gospel According to Louis Last month Louis Farrakhan – Muslim minister, black nationalist leader, and spokesman for the militant ‘religion’ the Nation of Islam – came to Belize, his third visit in 38 years.  As well as giving interviews to the media, he was given a reception and dinner by the Government, met with religious and community leaders, spoke at the University and the Prison (talk about a captive audience), had some one-on-one face time with both the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader, and finished off with a public speech in the unlikely location of Bird’s Isle, a small island in Belize City that’s just big enough for a car park, a basketball court, and a restaurant & bar (he ‘held court’ in the basketball court).
The publicity surrounding the week-long tour didn’t give very much away, but after the minister had left, the conversations and speeches he made contained many references to te…

Allies write on section 53- Why I'm a criminal

Reposted: 22nd, April, 2013 April 21, 2013 by Homosexuality in Belize, and Why I’m a Criminal As I mentioned in my last post about Minister Louis Farrakhan, during his recent visit to Belize he did tone down his conservative (or as I see it, racist and homophobic) rhetoric.  But one thing he did have a none-too-subtle attack on was religion’s favourite scapegoat, homosexuality.  He described governments’ and people’s acceptance of same-sex relationships as “sanctioning something that God don’t sanction”, and berated Belize for bowing to foreign pressure and becoming “a whore to American aid”!  And he echoed many religious leaders around the world (including those in Belize) when he said that ordinary people should be afraid of the LGBT “agenda”.  Another ‘conspiracy’ to keep the paranoid minister awake at night…
Of course, Farrakhan and his religious kin are suspicious of the LGBT movement, for the simple reason that they do consider gay people to be sin…