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Gayman betrays his community needs-Spouse redefine

Posted August 31st 2012

When we have a constitution that speaks to gender equality in its preamble as well as inalienable rights,  yet, could have religious institution dictate the fundamental rights and freedoms in practice. One must be concern that while we elect public officials to lead, we have  obsessed religious institutions who do not want any redefinition of the word spouse that would allow persons, be it friends, roommates, sweethearts, etc. to be able to jointly have loans or advance their economic interests. We now know that we live in a theocracy. It amazes me that the fundamental rights and freedoms can be thrown out the door so easily by bigots and sheepish persons who cannot stand for the constitution.
Whats worse a closeted gay man voted against the bill, despite the fact that he comes from the the L.G.B.T community. This in my mind is the ultimate betrayal, against a community that have longed been excluded from the legislative process. Now we see that the standard i…

C-FAM twist on Sexual Rights

Sexual Rights and Religious Freedom Posted by on Aug 4, 2012 in Current Issues Global | 0 comments A presentation by Family Watch International at the World Congress of Families VI in Madrid, Spain, in 2012 addressed what the presenters call “Cultural Imperialism,” the hijacking of religious rights by the sexual rights agenda, which seeks to place sexual rights above even the freedom of speech.  The presentation was well received, and representatives from many countries asked for copies (see the PDF file here).   Family Watch International is creating a film on this subject, to be released in the future.
Sharon Slater, president of the non-profit group, gave the presentation.  She defined “sexual rights” as the following:
Rights to contraception, abortion, sexual expression (cross dressing, nudity), pornography (sale and use of), sexual relations, age of consent, sexual orientation, gender identity (identity papers, hormone therapy, sex change operations, etc.), so…

Attack elevated to UN

Posted 12th August

Channel 5 Story
Aug 8, 2012
The tooth about UNIBAM founder’s beating now a UN matter?
Caleb Orozco From our research, it appears to be the first such case on human rights; but the beating of Caleb Orozco, the president of UNIBAM, has been elevated to the United Nations. The UN Special Rapporteurs on the promotion and protection on freedom of expression and on the situation of human rights defenders have both written to the government seeking answers on the incident. Orozco was allegedly attacked on George Street on February eighth. At the time it was reported that he was threatened by men shouting anti-gay remarks and that one of them threw a beer bottle at him. The bottle hit him in the face and he suffered a broken tooth. In the four-page document dated February twenty-ninth, the UN’s Human Rights Council is expressing concern that the alleged attack may be related to Orozco’s work in advocating for LGBTI rights. Specifically, the government is asked to resp…