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Parliamentary Dialogue in the DR, does it matter in Belize

Posted 21st, October, 2013 I met two important persons at a meeting entitled, "Protecting Human Rights, Combating Discrimination and Addressing HIV/AIDS of Persons with Diverse Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities" that was organized by the Parliamentarians Global Action (PGA) which is network of 1,000 lawmakers in about 130 countries. The meeting was held at the Deputy of Chambers building, not too far from our hotel. The first important person on my trip to Santo Domingo  from the 9th to 11th October, 2013 was Fox Odoi Oywelowo a Ugandan parliamentarian who has a history of speaking about human rights issues like, violence against women and girls from prevention to legislative enforcement . He has also spoken against the the "Kill the Gay Bill" and reports confirm only two MP moved to block the bill.  Sam Owor Otada of Kiryandongo confirmed attaching his signature to a minority report, but Oywelowo  who was chairman of the Rules and Parliamentary Privil…