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The Trickle Down Model of Global Advocacy: A Belize Perpective

4th March, 2019

The Commonwealth Equality Network mobilized over 45 organizations in Mauritius to look at governance and strategy.The Network meeting is a small part of The United Belize Advocacy Movement transnational framework of advocacy which exists within a tickle down model that has been operational for over a generation in the global L.G.B.T.I movement. T.C.E.N, arguably, exists within this model and is challenged by, resources limitation, personnel, national capacity, legal barriers, governance challenges like dictatorship among member states, historical genocide, visible community leadership on the ground and national priorities that impacts the relevancy of its operational objectives and outcomes which often seem intangible and disconnected to immediate impact on the ground.

When national realities are examined, it seems movements have to overcome a myriad of challenges. With visible civil rights & defense mechanisms inadequate; underdeveloped  political activism at the…