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What is Human Dignity Worth in Belize?

While the nation discusses the national election and continues to discuss section 53 in the most vile of terms without regard for facts or critical rights thinking, I have one simply question for you: What is Human Dignity Worth? I am attaching these three pictures to tell a story. Here is as follows:

I got on the bus to go to Chetumal on Saturday 18th, 2012 in the morning, when immediately, a male passenger yes" No cover yo face with you hair, Ah no da you!" I decided to stand infront of the bus because the bus was full, but when he said that it was to avoid conflict as well. I also watched as my Board secretary changed to another bus to also avoid the conflict. Minutes later, the bus was moving towards the gate and there was traffic, again the male passenger proceeded to tell the bus driver to throw me off the bus because he would be unable to

pass once I was on the bus. I continued to ignore the situation by placing my head phones in my ears to listen to music. Realizing…

A few examples of Media coverage of attack

Our friends Belize Action team issued a statement on their facebook site and this is what they had to say. the post was February 10th, 2012

We have stated in previous posts, and repeat again, someone stoning Caleb Orozco with a bottle & breaking out his teeth was a TERRIBLE & DEPLORABLE act which we ABSOLUTELY CONDEMN!! To add insult to injury, the pint thrower slipped away on bike and no one is detained, as so many of the "shooters" & "thieves" do. ANY act of violence for ANY reason (apart from self defense or protecting our wonderful children) is absolutely wrong, selfish, hurtful, & criminal. It's sick & it's sad, and we are relieved and grateful that it wasn't WORSE - it could have easily been worse.

To automatically imply or infer that anyone opposed to UNIBAM or the LGBT agenda in Belize is overjoyed, much less responsible for that act, is simply PREJUDICE, spin, and distractive. Keeping the MAIN THING the MAIN THING, Belize Acti…

On Attack as an Advocate-a pattern of intensified hate

14th, February, 2011

People will ask what I was doing in the area. Well I was simply trying to rush to Albert Street to finish up a few errands including the purchase of a surge protector that that sister had thrown away for whatever, irrational reason. I was honestly not seeking to be a martyr, but simply in a rush. One January 28th, 2011, I was on my way to UB graduation for my sister who got her degree as a nurse. On the bus some strange guys basically said he wanted to burn me alive on the bus. In another bus rise on my way to the International HIV Conference in the Bahamas, a guy, I don't know from anywhere, fiddled with bottles, simulated a choke hold in the air and kept bragging to his friend about" them battiman" I imagine myself arriving at the airport with my face cut. But was firm with that guy and planned my exist strategy with was to pretend with my suitcase that i was going into a nearby supermarket, by way of a large van to prevent being stoned. In anothe…