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Belize C.C.P.R 124 session: The Power of Political Pressure

October 16th, 2018

Belize got decriminalization decision On August 10th, 2016, but we did not get government to respect the decision in full. The result, is that the Government of Belize has tempered its effort with a partial appeal, not for legal reasons, but a political one. At the 124 session of the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in Geneva, the Belize delegation struggled to address the question posed by The Human Rights Council on LGBT issues in the first session.

They mentioned work on anti-discrimination, but fail to mention that the cabinet note that was given to them for refinement has been stuck at the Attorney General Office for many months. Granted, the Deputy Solicitor General left in the middle of the process.  They mentioned that there was a comprehensive legal review of the immigration act, that the International Organization on Migration was helping with the review,  but failed to tell the committee if a deadline was set on finalization of review.  A questions…

CSO Containment or Complicity: PANCAP as a Regional Mechanism

11th October, 2018

An estimated 1.86 m people are living with HIV in Latin America and the Caribbean. L.A.C countries has spend $1.59B up to 2011. In 2017, The Caribbean region estimated that 310,100 persons were living with HIV and  there were 15,000 new infections and 10,000 deaths. With 11 of the 16 countries in the Caribbean relying heavily on external foreign funding, no ideas of the mortality rates of men who have sex with men, no study on the economic loss of loosing 200,000 people in the region in the course of the epidemic, discussions, have been going in circles about addressing human rights violations.
While the region, must be applauded for setting up PANCAP to address a health response, as a mechanism to address human rights concerns for L.G.B.T, Sex workers, substances users, prisoners, it has not have much luck advancing the substance of rights. We know that Jason Jones case was not supported by Global Fund Process and that section 53 did not begin within the PANCAP proc…