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A Belizean journey: Social Change! Peace! Love! Does it matter


Written by:
Caleb Orozco

I have stood my ground for over 30 years dealing with shitty cock, faggit, salad, skittles, boi gail, battiman. Over and over for 30 plus years. I have fought in the middle of The Central American Boulevard, a bully who met me days before infront of the Nazarene High School with three other persons wishing not only to be insulting, but to do physical harm. I managed to get a hit on the face of one person, one to find out months later, he was a student trying to help me. This happened between the years 1988-1992 while I was going to St. John College. 
It was not the only fight, but it was one of many memorable encounters. I could remember in primary school, i did alot of horse play, " punch in your belly games" was a thing. Until, I got the punch. In standard six , i remember getting into a fight with Deon Pitter, he was a bully back then, but I stood my ground. Its funny, I spent all my primary school years rolling between, anger and depr…

Apology from a queer to Belize. . . .

6th November, 2018  June Reyes
I am sorry that I can’t change who I am even though I tried so long to. I guess I had the audacity to believe I was part of ‘normal’. I am sorry my very presence in church offends you so I ditch the church setting to go to the club but I had no idea I offended you even more; it’s ok I understand that I don’t deserve salvation and that my ‘gay’ money values less than your ‘real’ money. I deserved the insults and violence, how dare I exercise my freedom of assembly and association. I am sorry that I am ‘flamboyant’ and should act right when I am around you; it’s ok I deserve the insults and the beatings. How dare I exercise my freedom of expression such openly in public for all to see. Don’t worry I’m going back to the closet. I am sorry that you think I ‘influenced’ your child to be gay; I am sorry for planting those ‘gay seeds’. I forgot that they’re more influenced by me than what they see with you and other family members, on tv, at school, on the int…