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The Brunei Effect in L.G.B.T.I Global Advocacy


Celebrities announced a boycott when Brunei announced its was making gay sex punishable by flogging, or stoning to death. Companies added their voice like TV Choice Magazine, Deutsche Bank, STA Travel and Virgin Australia which has cut a staff travel agreement with the airline.  UN rights chief Michelle Bachelet added her voice to the list of condemnation, "I appeal to the government to stop the entry into force of this draconian new penal code, which would mark a serious setback for human rights protections for the people of Brunei if implemented."

The European Union added its voice with,"Some of the punishments foreseen in the criminal code amount to torture, acts of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment,"It has drawn strong criticism from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the United States, Germany, France and Britain. Amnesty International added their voice as well.

My Colleague Pang Khee Teik from Malaysia points out," As an LGBT …

Statement by Equal Rights Coalition on the situation in Brunei

The Trickle Down Model of Global Advocacy: A Belize Perpective

4th March, 2019

The Commonwealth Equality Network mobilized over 45 organizations in Mauritius to look at governance and strategy.The Network meeting is a small part of The United Belize Advocacy Movement transnational framework of advocacy which exists within a tickle down model that has been operational for over a generation in the global L.G.B.T.I movement. T.C.E.N, arguably, exists within this model and is challenged by, resources limitation, personnel, national capacity, legal barriers, governance challenges like dictatorship among member states, historical genocide, visible community leadership on the ground and national priorities that impacts the relevancy of its operational objectives and outcomes which often seem intangible and disconnected to immediate impact on the ground.

When national realities are examined, it seems movements have to overcome a myriad of challenges. With visible civil rights & defense mechanisms inadequate; underdeveloped  political activism at the…

Belize LGBT Lessons: A Culture of Active rebellion, resistance and revolt!

10th November, 2018

When a trans person decide to walk unto the streets of Belize knowing that she will be insulted, mocked, shamed threaten, but does it anyway. It is an action of resistance. When LGBTI communities all over this country threw house parties in Belize City, Orange Walk, Cayo and else where, it was an action of resistance.  In fact, out stubbornness and refusal to capitulate to violence have made us a hardy lot. To understand these acts of defiance, we need to explore the country of Belize.
As a country we developed against the odds, with its settlement efforts upon the arrival of the British Bucanners and privateers who work to get rid of the Spaniards out of Belize and despite the British government not wishing to declare Belize a crown colony. They settled anyway. According to the Belizean History, it reported ,"In 1725 the population of Belize had been reduced to a small quantity of people, “not exceeding above fifty white men and about a hundred and twenty ne…