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Redefining marriage

Reposted 29th, June, 2013 Redefining marriage June 29, 2013 · The US Supreme Court’s decision to strike down key provisions of the Defence of Marriage Act has been hailed as a landmark moment for gay rights in America. A more realistic assessment would note that same-sex marriage is still banned or unavailable in 37 American states and considerable legal hurdles remain if the definition of marriage is to be taken out from the control of individual states as Roe v Wade did with abortion rights. The implacable defence of “traditional marriage” by Christian groups within the United States has made the ruling an important skirmish within America’s ever-strident culture wars, but it is far from an outright victory.
During the last twelve months six American states have legalized same-sex marriage, bringing the total to 12 prior to the present squabble, initially over California’s Proposition 8. That particular battle has now been resolved with the court’s decision to rule in fa…

Christian and LGBT Groups Brought the Battle for Gay Rights to Caribbean

Reposted June 28th, 2013 Christian and LGBT Groups Have Brought the Battle for Gay Rights to the Caribbean Controversy over the region's colonial-era "buggery" laws is exposing a new form of advocacy -- and anti-colonialism. , THE ATLANTICJUN 27 2013, 11:36 AM ET
After two young men were seen having sexual intercourse in a university bathroom in Jamaica last year, they were set upon by a mob, who cheered as security guards kicked, punched, and slapped one of the boys. The attack was yet another sign that homophobia is alive and well in many Caribbean nations. The West is known for exporting its culture, but also its culture wars. The fight for gay rights abroad is the latest example. Powerful, U.S.-based Christian-conservative groups and a network of pro-LGBT transnational actors have each become deeply involved in debates about homosexuality in many countries of the Global South. Today, criminal bans on sodomy still exist in a whop…

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Bermuda Passes Human Rights Act that prevents discrimination base on sexual oreintation

Reposted: June 19th, 2013 Human Rights Act Amendment Passed by Parliament: Our Statement to the Press The Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda, would like to applaud the government’s decision on Friday, June 14th, to pass the amendment to the Human Rights Act to prevent discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. We are proud of all the brave voices who spoke in favour of the amendment and of protecting the fundamental human rights of the LGB community.
This legislation would not be possible without years of campaigning by countless activists and groups, particularly Dr. John Stubbs, Two Words and a Comma, Centre for Justice, the Allen Vincent Smith Foundation, the Human Rights Commission, and Amnesty International Bermuda. The Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda sincerely thanks all of these allies.
Based on the emotional, confused, and sometimes offensive tenor of the debates that took place surrounding the amendment, it is evident that there is still work for us to do in the B…

Stirm selling Jim Jones Cool Aid and Lies about Belize's Gender Policy

Posted 17th June, 2013

A moral Authority is defined as the quality or characteristic of being respected for having goodcharacter or knowledge, especially as a source of guidance or an exemplar of properconduct. When one compares the definition  to actual practice the conclusion is just the opposite. The current debate on the gender policy have added  “UNIBAM helped draft it and it includes the homosexual agenda.” Such a statement is inaccurate, an insult to women and the effort of the National Women's Commission who ensured that there were multiply stakeholders in the development of the policy. The call for the gender policy to be "redone"  see original story at is not only an undeclared war on women and children, but on fundamental right and freedoms. He seem to prefer to behave like Jim Jones or David Koresh of the Davidian Compound in WACO Texaco. 

        Lets explore another claim, Stirm speaks of the Aust…

Furbert's Attempt to prohibit Same-Sex marriage

Furbert’s attempt to prohibit same-sex marriage is voted down By Jonathan Bell
Published Jun 15, 2013 at 8:00 am (Updated Jun 15, 2013 at 12:21 am) Make text smallerMake text largerShareThis FirstPrev1NextLast PLP MP Wayne Furbert

Related Stories Two steps forward, one backFurbert may seek to outlaw same sex marriageHard to get to grips withHuman rights campaigners claim marriage rights not their focusDon’t forget Sodom and Gomorrah An attempt to specifically block same-sex marriage from the Human Rights Act Amendment was last night defeated 18 to 12 in the House of Assembly. Progressive Labour Party MP Wayne Furbert sought to attach a proviso to the amendment stating that nothing within it could overturn any provision from the Matrimonial Causes Act of 1974 — which followed suit from UK law in specifying that marriage was specifically between a man and a woman. MPs from both sides of the House have argued that today’s debate, which approached eight hours as Mr Furb…