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Belize Social Transformation: Looking back in 2017

15th February, 2017

The United Belize Advocacy Movement (UniBAM) started in May 2006 at the foot my my bedhead. Privacy was a matter of not looking behind, and smelling too deeply as the restroom and the office was only 3 steps apart. As we got our first grant in October 2006 we could not imagine that the work would catapult to the world stage be it the UN, OAS, CHOGM. UniBAM, as a non-governmental organization has experienced the most protest of any NGO in history.  Proof starts in 2010 when there were family forums at the University of Belize organized by Belize action.

 Then we saw Belize Action rally at Battlefield park in December 2011.Maria Zabaneh was a guess speaker at the rally along with Minister Boots Martinez. And he can be quoted as saying, in the Guardian newspaper of the UK. Martinez says: “My position is that God never placed anything on me for me to look at a man and jump on a man. I’ll be clear on it … How would you decriminalize that, I am sorry, but that is law…