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Bahamas Human Rights: When Women are treated less than dogs

Reposted, 08/12/15

I got this email from our Women's Issues Network whom share the concerns of the Bahamas Women's Watch group. In their release it stated,"Bahamas Women’s Watch condemns the unwarranted arrest of 11 Jamaican women on the weekend in a police anti-crime operation at a sport’s lounge in New Providence. Police claimed the women were at the sport’s lounge for the purpose of solicitation for prostitution and suspected they were in breach of the Immigration Act; however, these claims were proven to be completely unfounded. While detained with no charge for two nights, the women were subjected to degrading conditions and contemptuous verbal abuse by officers of the law. It was only after the aggressive intervention of attorneys, women’s rights advocates and the Jamaican Honourary Counsul, Patrick Hanlan that the women were finally released."

The release calls for a cease and desist notice. It reported further: "When dozens of police officers d…