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UniBAM LGBT Advocacy in the North vs The South: The Struggle for Harmonization

9th September, 2014

The announcement that Colombia, Uruguay and Chile will introduce a SOGI resolution through the Human Rights Council at the Global level complements efforts like South Africa, Norway and Brazil in the pass and complements the UN resolution on Extrajudicial killings. Talks about engaging the Commonwealth system to advance the decriminalisation process and the success of Africans in their pursuit of getting approved, a resolution on violence and the tremendous success at the OAS since 2008 to advance systems specifically, and LGBT rights in particular, can be summed up in one sentence. Improved policy norming through political engagement  on L.G.B.T rights as human rights is getting better. However, the harmonization at the Global level into regional and national responses have not translated well in clear resource support, accessing regional systems, cultivating activists in the South and building leadership at the grassroots level.

UniBAM had the chance to attend a…