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Opportunities&Challenges:Belize's Country Coordinating Mechanism

Posted 14th, January, 2015

May, 2016 will make it 10 years, that UniBAM has been investing in advancing its policy and advocacy priorities. It has built, its legal capacity through the University of the West Indies Rights Advocacy Project, in hiring Senior Counsel Moore to do its LGBT legal review in 2010 on the civil and socioeconomic concerns of LGBT population. It has partnered with Northwestern University, the Michigan Law Clinic to draft briefs for cabinet and in doing legal assessments of particular sections of the law.  Internationally, is has submitted two shadow rights for the Universal Periodic Review of 2009 and 2013 and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights while submitting a request for thematic hearings at the Organization of American States in 2014.It has found resources to facilitate its international engagement e on its own terms and leverage that experience for national engagement.

 In 2009, the Belize National Report for the Universal Periodic Re…

State Policing Our Bodies: LGBT, constitution and Belize Law

Post 12 January, 2016

We have never assessed Belizean law, what the constitution of Belize says about discrimination nor how current laws maybe inconsistent with the constitution. While the blog is about LGBT relationship security, it offers readers the opportunity to reflect about the implication of how the state tries to police the bodies of its citizens, in addition, legal penalties against citizens to comply with it's intent of securing public morality. An intent that is systematic, in denying women the right to use their bodies as they wish in sex work and  in general reproductive decisions; denying young people information to prevent pregnancy and general sexually transmitted diseases; the legal protection to found a family as same sex couples do not have the option of registering their parental rights as a couple; choice over health decision and forcing same sex couples to incur extra cost- in terms of acquiring power of attorney and making wills when succession of estates…