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Colonial Blood, political politeness and LGBT Advocacy

September 19th, 2019

Between 1747 and 1947, it was estimated that 60 million people died in famine in India while Europeans slaughtered 56 million indigenous people that triggered climate change over a 100 year period in North, Central and South America. Today we have International Treaty Bodies like the UN Human Rights Council and International Treaty Obligations and country reviews in Geneva, but what we don't have is a thorough review of how colonialism impacted the lives of hundreds of millions around the World in the names of economic development for our colonizers. The point is made clearer when King Leopold of Belgium committed mass genocide of 10m people in the name of economic development, but little condemnation exists in the history books. It can be said, he killed more people than Jews killed by Hitler, despite this, remains a fundamental blimp in history.
The times may have changed along with the methods, but global systemic racism have simply evolve into other i…

Stop and Frisk in Belize: The impact on LGBT Belizeans who are Afro-descendants

June 26th, 2019

On March 1st, 2018, the Cabinet Minister, Anthony Martinez told the media that it was illegal to photograph Civilians. According to the Minister, the Attorney General Office has advised cabinet that police officer must cease and desist from the practice. On 24th June 2019, it seems that was lost on Officers in Georgeville Cayo who handcuffed a member of the L.G.B.T Community in Belize, sought to force him behind a police truck, too his photo  and threaten to arrest him for misconduct. The individual was interviewed and recalled his his frustration. 

"I was sitting on the basketball court alone, smoking as always, watching youtube and listening to music, when 4 or 5 police officer pass me, gone to the back asking to searching the areas, i no know what they were looking for.  I put back my earphones in my ear and they pull it out. I was told," I can't have it in!" I tried to walk away and they pulled me back told me to stay. I was told that I could be…