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Trans Murder Monitoring Project 2015 Report

Reposted: March 31st, 2016
30th March 2016: Trans Day of Visibility Press Release Over 2,000 trans people killed in the last 8 years
 On occasion of the International Transgender Day of Visibility (TDoV) [1] held on the 31st of March every year, Transgender Europe (TGEU) is publishing the Trans Murder Monitoring (TMM) project [2] update to join the voices raising awareness on this day about the multiple forms of discrimination faced by trans and gender diverse people worldwide.
This update (TMM TDoV 2016) reveals 2,016 reported killings of trans and gender diverse people in 65 countries worldwide between the 1st of January 2008 and the 31st of December 2015, more than 1,500 of which were reported in Central and South America. Further analysis of this data shows that 65% of all murdered trans and gender diverse people whose profession was known were sex workers. [3]
Throughout all six world regions, the highest absolute numbers have been found in countries with strong trans move…

The Enemy of My Culture is Religion: A Lesson for Belize

Reposted: 29th March, 2016  The Enemy of My Culture is ReligionMarch 23, 2015 by 12 Comments by Julio Saqui
I am a Maya teacher in my village. One of the things I teach is about our culture and traditions. Having been in the cultural field and a cultural enthusiast for decades, I now firmly believe that RELIGION is the most destructive force on our Maya culture in my lifetime.
Understand that I come from a family that valued our traditions and was proud of our culture. My grandfather taught my father, he taught me and my siblings, and we have tried to teach our children. It is a much more difficult task today than it was when I was a boy.   But what does Maya culture mean? Our Tradition & Culture teaches our children Survival, Respect, Dignity, Appreciation, Love and Togetherness.
Maya culture is taught to us by our parents and elders, and it takes many years to fully understand our traditions. They include our attitude to our world, our village, the rain forest,…