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Belize LGBT Lessons: A Culture of Active rebellion, resistance and revolt!

10th November, 2018

When a trans person decide to walk unto the streets of Belize knowing that she will be insulted, mocked, shamed threaten, but does it anyway. It is an action of resistance. When LGBTI communities all over this country threw house parties in Belize City, Orange Walk, Cayo and else where, it was an action of resistance.  In fact, out stubbornness and refusal to capitulate to violence have made us a hardy lot. To understand these acts of defiance, we need to explore the country of Belize.
As a country we developed against the odds, with its settlement efforts upon the arrival of the British Bucanners and privateers who work to get rid of the Spaniards out of Belize and despite the British government not wishing to declare Belize a crown colony. They settled anyway. According to the Belizean History, it reported ,"In 1725 the population of Belize had been reduced to a small quantity of people, “not exceeding above fifty white men and about a hundred and twenty ne…