News and Community comments of LGBT Rights in Belize

May 18th, 2011

While an effort to use IDAHO to launch a PR Strategy for the Section 53 case. The United Belize Advocacy Movement is now joined by actionable effort by The Pan American Social Marketing Organization who gave an interview for May 17th, 2011 IDAHO. See link We at UniBAm added to the day with the issuing of its own press release which was picked up at This was further complemented by our tolerance PSA on youtube that has the slogan WE ARE One! See links at

While these efforts has been developing, we have been working to documents comments on the case and found the following links rather interesting:

What the community is saying about section 53!/home.php?sk=group_151744212525&id=10150238073967526&notif_t=like

What the community is saying about section 53!/home.php?sk=group_159032377460969&ap=1

The PM in his first chance to comment on the section 53 case remain nuetral in his statement on the section 53 case. Here is a link to a news report from channel 7.

Other links on the case is as follows:

Channel Five:

 Channel Seven Report

The Gaurdian-the government newspaper

Amandala poll online:Do you believe homosexuality laws, including sodomy, should be erased off the law books or repealed, so at to legalize same sex relations and marriages in Belize? This poll believe it or  not was at 67% when it first started against the community. The community was able to switch it to 70% in favor at one point. 11:30pm the night before printing, it was at 58.8% in favor of repeal. At print time the poll switched to 72.6% against. The community knew the Amandala would never allow the vote to be for the community. So said, so done. Also know that the poll allowed a person to vote once every hour and had students being forced to vote with teachers over their heads watching. This happened at St. Catherine's Academy no less. The pool was closed but the original site is at

Reporter editorial

UniBam takes Alternative lifestyle to Court

Interestingly enough e-communication has been a great tool for building awareness about the sexual rights of the population. In my next writing we will look at the dynamics of action being taken to create the necessary social dialogue.


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