No Dignity in Death: A No Out Rule

Posted June 26th, 2012

As the United Belize Advocacy Movement moves forward with its work, the question of how justice is serve has infused itself in the debate for the LGBT community and rights enforcement processes.I was accused of outing a dead man." I was told that I have no right!" So is there there a right way to get justice for 27 murders that have happened from 1997 up to June 2012. I had to do some deep reflection and found the following points interesting:

1). The community does not see a rational for ensuring access to Justice is achieved thro ugh public outings. They worry about the poor family feelings and seem extremely sensitive to the emotional needs of the family.
2).Outing maybe acceptable if the person is a barrier to the movement and gay.
3).Outing maybe possible if done quietly in dialogue with the police.
4). We have a long way to go psychologically as strategies are defined to increase our visibility.
5). Our protest will not be protest, but in parties. while inviting a minister of CEO for a drink.
6). Our protest is in witholding ADS from media houses that are homophobic.
7). Our outing is showing our political currency when we united with supporters for our cause.
8). Our outing is done by those who are unabashingly proud and public.
9). Expecting the comfortable and the connected to be helpful is challenged by their need to maintain their status quo of living quietly and invisibly.
10). Our people will continue to die as closet men seek out partners in clandestine ways.

What is surprising is that while many in our community is willing to offer feedback and critism, few is willing to be visible and step up. Whether this is because of shame, confidence infront of the camera or impact on family. This writer cannot tell. What I do know is that self-hate is rampant along with fear. The postter below summarises my feeling and the needs that must be addressed.

It seems we want social change and freedom without the sacrifice. We want the inclusion without putting in the work. We shall see in time if the community steps up to action or become a barrier to its own hopes and dreams.


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