Marriage Equality Cost and Belize

 Posted July 19th, 2012

It is interesting to note that with the United Belize Advocacy Movement constituutional challenge will lead to gay marriage. In reality it seeks a narrow ruling on amending the law so that it does not apply to consenting adults. We at the United Belize Advocacy Movement has not discussed the issue or consuulted with the community.  This dialogue in small groups in thhe LGBT community have taken place. What we realise is that positions in the community is diverse. To support the dialogue on the issue is this link about the cost of marriage ineqaulity which is at

What we do know at the United Belize Advocacy Movement has an inclination to look at some format like Civil Union or civil partnership. The issue as an organization is that marriage may not be a prioirty as discrimination and homophobia has to be addressed in the wider society. The organization sees the importannce of the state acknowledging the relationship of same-gender loving couples as a dignity issue that elevates the community relationship on equal grounds.

Time will tell how we approach the issue and how we mobilise.


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