When the Belizean Christain Right controls the media

Posted September 10th, 2012

Luis Wade and Scott Stirm have been appearing all last week on Rise and Shine show to chat about the Health and Family Education teachers guide see link http://www.plustvbelize.com/Portals/0/News/HFLA-teachers%20guide.pdf .


On the Show, they spoke about masturbation and how too much can cause localise trauma, that it can be addictive and that it can cause men to turn away from women and turn to men. The coverage have even triggered a comment from one person who complained about a simply human sexuality class that was presented to 12 Belizean soldiers as part of a peer education program that is managed by the military. The quote said,

"Good morning Wade and crew. Members of UNIBAM have gone into the BDF and are teaching the soldiers about UNIBAM. What is going on in our country? The want us to become like the USA Army. BDF should run them away. Don’t encourage them" see links for full comments  at http://www.plustvbelize.com/Featured/NewsDetails/tabid/63/ArticleId/3874/Comments-Received-regarding-HFLE-MANUAL.aspx

Beyond that Wade and Stirm has been misrepresenting the HFLE is such a bad way that is the the classic Henny Penny story of" The sky is falling." What damage he will do to the the prevention work in the national response or for sexual health education remains to be seen. One critical analysis of Louis Wade committee concern is as follows:

"Page 99 - Rectum listed along with mouth and vagina as a "Port of Entry" Earlier this morning Louis M Wade Jr presented an emotional argument when he represented the critics view taken from Page 99 - Rectum listed along with mouth and vagina as a "Port of Entry" end quote. LOUIS COMPLETELY MISSED THE POINT. It is taken from a fact sheet #6 informing how HIV can be transmitted. It says "There are 4 factors that must exist for HIV to be transmitted: 1. one of the four body fluids that can transmit the virus, blood, semen, vaginal secretions, breast milk 2. the presence of the virus (in a human) 3. a port of entry: vagina, rectum, mouth and 4. sufficient virus to cause infection, end quote. Louis, I don't think it mature to make light of the fact/s contained herein, considering people are dying (and it could be averted given this information). How can anyone miss that that book is aiming to reduce the number of HIV Cases in Belize when the same factsheet informs that Belize has the highest HIV infection rate in Central America, that it is the 3rd highest in the Caribbean, that as of 2006 there were almost 4000 cases of HIV reported in Belize and 703 known deaths in Belize?"

And analysis points out the following:

The critics have misrepresented Chapter 6 Sexuality and Me. They did not say 'could' instead they said that what follows 'LEADS CHILDREN TO BELIEVE'. How do they know that? Critics "Page 73 – 78 “My Sexuality Starts with Me” and “The Circles of Sexuality"introduces numerous groupings of various aspects of sexuality. Page 75 guides the teacher to explain that “We are all sexual beings. Sexuality includes all feelings, behavior, thoughts of being male or female, being attractive, being in a relationship that includes physical sexual activity and intimacy.” This instruction leads children to believe that it is normal to act on such feelings. No mention is made of the complexity; of the child’s physical, spiritual and emotional self; he is a sexual being." End Quote. Once again, how do these persons with Masters Degrees know what's in the children's minds; laawd ... I always thought only God knew that.

Despite this, Wade and his expert followers have  calling for the HFLE to be removed from schools and be replaced with the Jamaican manual. Who are his experts, in a report that covers Minister Faber response to the issue. It said the following:

A full review of the manual is being done by a member of Belize Association of Principals (BAPS), Child Development Foundation (CDF), several denominational representatives, a Lions Quest representative, Belize Action, and several other trained counselors. A report will be complied by all involved in the review and submitted to the Ministry of Education in January of next year. http://www.plustvbelize.com/Featured/NewsDetails/tabid/63/ArticleId/1845/Hon-Faber-defends-HFLE-Curriculum.aspx

Concerns being expressed that it has provided enough information that misrepresent the context of HIV manual for teachers remains sustained. One report received during an oversight committee for the present Global Fund alludes to the current debate, referring to section 53, making it difficult for the Ministry of Education to perform. This seems to be true as the current HFLE manual was withdrawn yesterday 13th, September, 2012. What is known is that Louis Wade effort to influence is base on dominionism theology which is the belief that christians are mandated by GOD to control politics, business, media, art and culture, education, religion among its 9 priority areas.

For those of you who are not aware of the core HFLE curriculum links can be seen below:

How this will end as we move forward, no one can tell, but we do know the work must go on and Civil Society must respond.


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