Monday, November 19, 2012

Ignite the Rally- Violence and Family

19th, November, 2012

When we join the Ignite the Rally walk  on October 11th, 2012 in support of the Purple Movement effort to address concerns about crime and violence, it was our chance to show our solidarity with our opponents support, but more precisely, that while we disagree on many things, crime and violence was not one of those things. So 11 individuals from 17 to 40 showed up with signed as we supported a walk from the University of Belize to the Police Station Training School in Belmopan. Of note, the woman holding the torch was the mother of a student killed at the entrance for The University of Belize in Belmopan.

While waiting to organize, our opponents from PlusTV were out and one person in particular, Jason Andrews pass a comment ' Oh Caleb and y battyman dem!" which is our mind was clearly not in the spirit that was set out for the day on crime and violence. Still, unfazed by the moment the crew got into order and we walked with signs of violence:

Was the group anxious? I could not get a feel of their anxiety, comments shared were that it as fun, they would do it again and that while they had momentary problems, for the most part the they felt inspired to participate in more activities. Here is a picture of part of the group walking, holding up their signs and having fun:

 It was not the first time that UniBAM supporters sought solidarity on the issue of crime an violence as supporters during a candle vigil for Jasmine Lowe who was brutality murdered showed that they could be concern with child murders while feeding the homeless. The news coverage of  LoveFM covered what the We are One Campaigners could do without any prompting from the United Belize Advocacy Movement. the coverage pointed out the following:


Issuing its own press release, the group distributed 50 meals, light candles in solidarity with crime and violence concern's and issues the following statement below to lovefm among others.

 Another community group, the Supporters of the Constitutional Challenge to Section 53 of the Laws of Belize has also expressed solidarity with the grieving family of the slain teenager.  The group, under the banner of We Are One, attended the candlelight vigil at Battlefield Park in Belize City on Saturday night.  Prior to the vigil, the group distributed 50 meals to some of the homeless who regularly congregate in the park. The group, in a statement issued today said, quote: “we would also like to publicly commend private citizens, as well as the Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis Barrow for their efforts to push for “Jasmine’s Taxi Law”, end of quote.  The group goes on to say, quote: “those of us who support the Constitutional Challenge to Section 53 pledge our unwavering support for any and all legal reforms that will result in greater protection for the children of Belize,” end of quote.


 As a collective we posed for pictures and we collected represented with the following imagery of solidarity with the rest of the nation in the following way before deciding to go to San Ignacio where the main event was held. It is our hope that the next walk will be with mothers and families to high light the point that intense opposition to young gay and lesbians individuals below to families and as such the issues of L.G.B.T human rights is a family issue.

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