When a daughter Speaks on IDAHO and A Christain older Person Stands up

Posted May 19th, 2013

When I receive news that a 74 year old woman from Orange Walk, who doesn't even know me well defends me because of work that my organization does for women in Orange Walk, it becomes an important piece to document. More importantly, it seems the sassiness of the generation has passed well, as Elisa Castellanos Executive Director of Tikkum Olam has gone to bats for the United Belize Advocacy Movement not just once, despite her character being maligned. Seen here at Estero Amor, in Orange Walk, Elisa Castellenos has publicly expressed support over the years to a mainly Spanish speaking audience, something rarely done by any head of organization in Belize.

Elisa Castellanos was a spanish language translator and advocate, for IDAHO week of 2013 where she received a call from one lady who said on air that should supports her son, who is gay and that she may not understand what exactly that means, nevertheless, she understand loving her son.
At a meeting off air, Elisa reported that her mom, 74 years old at her christian session meeting that usually happens at her home with her sisters had an interesting moment, during news time. Apparently, one of them was very homophobic and during the news when I was talking about my police report, the sister reported said" that must be a lie , he only wants to push his sin onto our children."
Elisa reported in her exact words" my mom said is Spanish: hold on, do you know him? has he lied to you about something? because I know him and he helps people just like my daughter and he doesn't care if they are not gay people. Those Christians who did that are not real Christians. Those are the sinners because God is about love and respecting each other. I don't care who he has sex with, he should have the right to enjoy sex with his boyfriend without me or you or that crazy man wade in his bedroom business." Not skipping a beat, her mom also listened intently to the news from May 7th to 10th to hear what was going on with the court case.
 In addition, her dad who has a lot of serious health problems has asked her to tell me to get a taser. The idea that she would be so firm with her sister and take the time out to explain the case is an amazing shift in the discourse. We shall see what time brings.



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