Hangman Noose of UniBAM: Kill the asshole

Posted: July, 13th, 2013

On July 11th, Plus TV issued a statement from BelizeCan, Belize Action, and Rise and Shine Belize that said," While we did not personally see the hang man when we scanned the parade on Friday, we heard about it and sent instructions to have it removed immediately.  We strongly condemn and discourage the use of such placards or images which can be perceived as sending the wrong message.  We encourage Belizeans to exercise their right to rally in a respectful, responsible, and God-fearing manner.” see link http://www.plustvbelize.com/news/call-for-pro-constitution-marchers-to-be-respectful-and-responsible/

This response is very different from a May 8th interview  where Louis Wade spoke in the following way:


Louis Wade, Pastor
“I am aware that the media and those who are pro-UNIBAM paint a picture as if it is the church that is the only opposition. That is not true. Members of the public are fully aware that this is an issue of national importance and many different groupings of people—whether they attend church or not—are very concerned about this issue. This is why we have said it belongs in parliament and not in the courts. I want to add that Christians, god-fearing people, are not violent. And we represent though vocal, we represent the most peaceful parties on either side of this issue. And therefore we do not tolerate or encourage anyone to directly or indirectly insight violence to anyone on either side of this particular issue.”

And there is no doubt that tensions are rising and certain sectors take the homosexual issue very seriously.
Louis Wade
“Those who have launched an attack against the constitution and against section fifty-three of the constitution and the morality of this nation cannot have their cake and eat it. They cannot get into the boxing ring, call a match on this particular issue and then also perform the duty of referee.....source:http://edition.channel5belize.com/archives/85211
Have something changed since May 8th when  when I reported masked men jumped my fence, stomped my passenger door in, and pulled off the silver door strips?  Yet my opponents spoke of not promoting hate and prejudice.In a channel five interview I tried explaining my concerns in the following way about the invasion:

“Yes, simply put. What has happened here is that while the church put out a press release that they condemn violence, they have insisted by omission or indifference, to accept or support in silence the attack ads that have been in the media. They put out misleading, false, misrepresentation of the facts of this case to the public is cultivating not only an atmosphere of fear for my community or cultivating an atmosphere of personally insecurity that I am experiencing or that I have experienced for quite some time. If they are serious about condemning acts of violence, I want them to take those ads down.” see at http://edition.channel5belize.com/archives/85292

What I was getting at, was that institutional silence helps to intensify functional impunity that forces person to self-censor their right to movement, association, expression, dignity and access to justice. It forces persons into a mode of rights restrictions, not in the belief in protection nor enforcement. It renders them invisible and hence out of sight of the state.  While the Bishop of the Anglican Church spoke below, he failed to gasp the ramification of the churches current position on section 53 and the impact the current attack ads. The interview below occurred on May 8th, 2013 with channel five and what it points out how the church is not on the same page for the Catholic Church Ian Taylor suggested that the invasion of my property was because of violence within my community.
Phillip Wright, Anglican Bishop
“We do not support any form of violence against persons of a homosexual orientation and we distance ourselves from any such action or tendency in the wider population. After all, the church has to find a way to bring people together and to encourage hatred and that form of bigotry really is not acceptable in our book at all.”

Phillip Wright
But not everyone is reading out of the same book apparently. Wright acknowledged that, and we observed it while asking other involved parties about their concern over threats against Orozco and the homosexual community.

Phillip Wright
“Much like how with the wider Anglican Communion, the truth is not everybody sees the issue exactly the same way. I think we are unified in not seeing the homosexual behavior as consistent with the witness of scripture. But also what you are seeing out here too is some differences in how we move forward with that issue. So it is never a good thing to just lump everybody into one pack. If you talk to individual church leaders, you may also begin to understand that they see certain aspects of the issue differently.”

Ian Taylor, Catholic Priest, Trinidad

Ian Taylor
“First of all we need to know if that is true. Why I say that is because globally it has been determined by states that violence against homosexuals is highest within in the homosexual communities itself. First of all the victim syndrome that they tend to portray is actually within the community itself—they are aggressive against each other. And less from those who are considered heterosexual.”

Mike Rudon
“So at this point, you are not giving credibility to what they are saying are serious threats from outside the homosexual community towards Mister Orozco and homosexuals?”

Ian Taylor
“It would have to be substantiated by evidence.”

According to Catholic Priest Ian Taylor insinuation, the invasion that I have experienced,  comes from my community. So this imagery, " kill dis asshole yah"..."put a gun shot ina ih head"...."we nuh deal with batty man da belize is violence being orchestrated from my community."  So what evidence to you think I would need Mr. Taylor? So in the end of all this, I remain cynical about Louis Wade sincerity about the hangman noose, Ian Taylor current position and Bishop wabbling maturing stance of advancing a rational dialogue on how the society addresses its L.G.B.T citizens needs.


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