Organizer of Gay Pageant event because of security concerns

  Reposted June 14th, 2013

Organizer of Gay Pageant Says Event Is Private Jun 14, 2013
Yesterday the Association of Evangelical Churches and Evangelical Missions from Orange Walk sent out a press release stating their opposition against a gay pageant that was planned to be held on June 29th.  In the release the association claims the event violates the principles and moral values of the majority of Orange Walk residents and at the same time promotes the lifestyle of the homosexual community.  We spoke with the organizer of the event, Marcos, who told us that at no point their agenda was to “pervert” the Orange Walk community.

“Well for now we are just basically standing back and allowing the churches to do what they have to do; we don’t want a conflict with the churches, we are not people to cause violence or anything like that.  This is just solely a private event and we will keep it like that; all our guests are registered and we will give the churches the opportunity to do what they have to do and when they are done, we will just continue with our private event..”
“Are you guys are planning on moving the event from that place to go somewhere more private?”
“We are still meeting with our partners at this moment but that is a possibility.  We don’t want to be confrontational with any of the church members and also the safety of my guests and the people attending, that is very important to us.  So, for that reason we are thinking about making some changes from the current location.”
“This not the first time you guys are holding this type of event; now they are calling it a homosexual pageant how you would describe it?”
“I would describe it as an entertainment for people of our interest; there is no way possible that our agenda is to pervert the society.  All the guests that are attending are people of our kind; people that share similar interest and it is not a public event and it is very private and positive, for that matter.  So, our intension is just simply entertainment for our group and people of our kind.”
“You are saying, ‘people of our kind’ what do you mean by that?”
“Well by that I mean the LGBT; the gays, bisexual and stuff like that; people that share similar interest.”

The organizers have postponed the event and are planning to move the venue for the pageant.



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