Caribbean Social Justice Coalition welcomes Cases

Social Justice Coalition welcomes cases

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A woman living with HIV is denied housing. A gay man sustains serious injuries from a mob beating. A transgender sex worker is laughed out of a police station when she attempts to report an assault. These and many other human rights violations often go unchecked because their victims don’t have the money and social status to access the justice system.
The Caribbean Coalition for Social Justice (CCSJ) seeks to change that. Based in Barbados, the entity will serve people throughout the region. The coalition of advocates and attorneys will review cases, deciding which appear to be arbitrary acts of discrimination that can be challenged in local, regional and international courts or tribunals. It will provide legal services for such people. Part proceeds from any judgments will be re-invested in the system, helping to support future litigation. Rights violations of many natures will be considered including those regarding HIV status, race, gender, sexual orientation, class, religion, disability or even land access.
“This agency is the first of its kind in our region—an entity that pools resources to ensure that victims have access to the courts to obtain redress for human rights abuses,” explained CCSJ Executive Director, Dr. Akiba Reid. “The CCSJ will be the voice for the voiceless… those who have experienced social injustices throughout the Caribbean.”
Membership is open to all persons, organisations and corporations who subscribe to the objectives and values of the CCSJ. UNAIDS Caribbean will function as a technical advisor and partner with the CCSJ as it works toward fulfilling its commitment, “justice for all”.
The Coalition is currently inviting persons throughout the Caribbean who feel they have experienced significant acts of discrimination to submit their cases for review.
Contact the Caribbean Coalition for Social Justice at 1 246 253-1696 or

Photo Caption: Dr. Akiba Reid, Executive Director of the Caribbean Coalition for Social Justice.



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