On Attack as an Advocate-a pattern of intensified hate

14th, February, 2011

People will ask what I was doing in the area. Well I was simply trying to rush to Albert Street to finish up a few errands including the purchase of a surge protector that that sister had thrown away for whatever, irrational reason. I was honestly not seeking to be a martyr, but simply in a rush. One January 28th, 2011, I was on my way to UB graduation for my sister who got her degree as a nurse. On the bus some strange guys basically said he wanted to burn me alive on the bus. In another bus rise on my way to the International HIV Conference in the Bahamas, a guy, I don't know from anywhere, fiddled with bottles, simulated a choke hold in the air and kept bragging to his friend about" them battiman" I imagine myself arriving at the airport with my face cut. But was firm with that guy and planned my exist strategy with was to pretend with my suitcase that i was going into a nearby supermarket, by way of a large van to prevent being stoned. In another bus ride, I had to argue with a guy that I don't know for at least 30 minutes. He eventually punched me in the jaw and I had to kick him out the exit door of the bus. He proceeded to stone the bus and then, the Ladyville police station was called. After the guy left, I was told" that battibouy and that idiot shoulda mi put out a this bus long time and mek them have it out." Beyond that I was walking toward Belcan, stupid me knows I should not, but was in a rush. Was accosted by three young men, with one taking the lead to rob. I could see it all coming, bluffed my way through by walking cross the street and watching the guy follow with a knife about 8" long said, "What the fuck you think this is a victim nite, bitch?" He proceeded to corale on the otherside of the bridge with his freinds. Meanwhile a taxi pass just in-time to pick me up and remove me from the scene. Not doing that again.

I have always had to be on guard and these incidence are just a small sample. So when Luis Wade says he
 "saddened that orosco was hit in the mouth, glad he was able to give several extended interviews immediately after..." He sounds really disgusted and sympathetic huh? The case itself has brought out the homophobes in droves. Read the following excepts gotten from the channel 5 and face book below. It shows a pattern of hateful comments that in my mind is as a direct result of Belize Action Team irrational arguments:

 Case One
While we have recorded hate messages we have never had to document threats and violence. This message was received on December 6th, 2011 to a facebook group for LoveFM news journalists Patrick Jones, but was later deleted upon request. In order to save the tone of the message its content is being presented in its entirety was it was written on face book. Clover posting contains death threats and violence homophobic rhetoric in the following way:

Origin: comments from Patrick Jones' Facebook Page, later deleted by Patrick upon request... 
Clover's posts contain DEATH THREATS and violent homophobic rhetoric:
saved to a private board, Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 - here's what I copied and pasted:
Gerald Robertson Clover: An adbomination unto themselves these oligans and homosexuals are, to rid them is too easy, lets all start to dispose of them maybe when a couple of them are found in advance decomposition state, theyll begin to understand that we dont want them in our midst, to hell with all shit diggers, they should each get in a septic tank and swim since they love excretion so much, whats the excitement about a bearded face man to be kissing or caressing another man?? nasty and wrong, Bugu Bantan has said it best, @bum bi bie ina batty boy head".............we need to expose them to this reality, just need to know who they are.........Id be delighted to do it, believe me.

Gerald Robertson Clover not even wild animals mate with same sex animals, not even a dog does this, then batty men are wordt than dogs, they are better off dead, and we should kill them period.........


Gerald Robertson Clover - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003060943479

my notes:

Buju Banton

Buju Banton (born Mark Anthony Myrie July 15, 1973)[1] is a Jamaican dancehall, ragga, and reggae musician. Banton has recorded pop and dance songs, as well as songs dealing with sociopolitical topics. 

Banton has attracted criticism over his anti-gay lyrics. His monster hit "Boom Bye Bye", released in 1988 contains lyrics inciting the murder of gay men (with "boom bye bye" being onomatopoeia for the sounds of gunshot). In 2009 gay rights group appealed to venues around the United States not to host Buju Banton.

World is in trouble
Anytime Buju Banton come
Batty bwoy get up an run
At gunshot me head back
Hear I tell him now crew

(Its like) Boom bye bye
Inna batty bwoy head

Rude bwoy no promote no nasty man
Dem haffi dead
Boom bye bye
Inna batty bwoy head
Rude bwoy no promote no nasty man
Dem haffi dead

(Two man) Hitch up on an rub up on
An lay down inna bed
Hug up on another
Anna feel up leg
Send fi di matic an
Di Uzi instead
Shoot dem no come if we shot dem

Case Two

Matrix of Hateful Comments on  Belize Channel five
Channel 5
UniBAM gets boost form Obama      7th December,2011                                                                        
Stephen says:
Well if they are saying that no aid will be given to Belize then let them keep it and take their nasty @$$ out of Belize. We are a country that does not tolerate …… or lesbians so to hell with human rights on this issue they all need to respect each country laws. Not every country will tolerate that type of behavior so Belize is one of them. I hope that we all stand firm and keep those nastiness out of Belize as GOD will provide we will have more to offer and if you look at it only the small country those people target.

mike says:
Have these sick people read LEVITICUS 18:22 “And you must not lie down with a male the same as you lie with a woman. It is a detestable thing.”
LEVITICUS 20:13 “And when a man lies down with a male the same as one lies down with a woman, both of them have done a detestable thing. They should be put to death without fail. Their own blood is upon them.

Elgin Martinez says:
I am very proud of my Belizean brothers and sisters for standing firm on this issue.That been said We definately don’t need SANDUSKY in Belize we already have CALEB.

walls says:
First of all lets all be proud as belizean but lets not be proud on those $#!% they trying to bring to our beloved country, belize it or not they will die one by one if gay rights are being approve but again lets stand strong people lets think on our younger generation. Who the hell are these stinking @$$#$ to want to bring their @$$#$ to bze we don’t want them and believe me they will die just like how jamaica do with them. SO SAY NO TO ALL GAYS AND NO TO UNIBAM LET THEM BURN!!!

OriginalWoman says:
Skywalker don’t confuse civil rights (racism) with perversion (gay sex)….Apartheid and any other civil rights issue should never, ever be compared to sex perversion….Just because the US and other European countries are becomming more open to sexual immorality does not make it correct…..It is only a matter of time when, other sexual perversions will become accepted too, ie: having sex with animals, the dead, children, family members, etc…..If more countries would follow Cuba’s example and not let the US PUSH THEM AROUND, we would be in a better position. Like No Integrity says, if we don’t stand for something, we will fall for anything….STAND TALL BELIZE, SAY “NO” to GAY SEX AND MARRIAGES!!!!

Overall comments for this story was 68-source:  http://edition.channel5belize.com/archives/64205
Churches ‘Take A Stand’ Rally against UNIBAM- 5th December, 2011 

belizeanpride says:
@ RETIRED CEO i believe Jesus would be proud of those people for believing in him and having open eyes to see the abomination that wants to take place in our jewel. Jesus said those words because it was the people who chanted crucify him and they did who we’re not knowing were complying to the plan of God to make Jesus die for you and me CEO and for those from unibam also but remember we have to live under his command not what we feel like.
I know Jesus is proud for the brother and sister standing out for what is right and not supporting abomination. this is not hate this is helping a brother not to sink in the hole of sin, so meaning if i can help you guide you not to sin by telling you unibam is not good i’m helping you but if i don’t i’ll be helping to push you into the hole of hell. simple as that.

Voice of Belize! says:
We no want our jewel to end up like Sodom and Gomorrah! Homosexuality brings destruction and curse to a nation…

Louisville,Ky says:
Brightman and CEO, no amount of philosophising or hallow rhetoric on your behalf will convince right thinking individuals to agree with you in accepting homosexuality as normal. Could it be that you are trying to convince yourselves?………… because you are certainly not convincing us.
Just carry on with your Loose selves (pun intended) and leave your slackness in the closet and out of our court room. You were never prosecuted in all these years for your unnatural lifestyle so why are your drawers now in bunches trying to change laws that aren’t even paying you any mind?
I truely believe that you have ulterior motives and you are hell bent on seducing our innocent little boys. See,my beef is that I have a 7 yr old grandson and God forbid anyone of you child molesters touch Am………..God forbid!!

Caleb says:
you all are !@#$%^& sick!!!! why are u supporting lesbian hoes and men that use each other in the @$$!!! Get a life and pray to god to save belize

Overall comments for this story was 36-source: http://edition.channel5belize.com/archives/64069
Churches Family Value march Casts UniBAM Aside -2nd, Decmber, 2011

jill says:
i applaud the churches for standing up for what’s right, these gays like to find other problem to talk about in order to divert our attention so they can make an easy break to make law to suit their deviant behavior, problem will always be, anywhere you go, and this b.s just adding more problems, don’t you get it? IF you’re gay, you are abnormal and down right nasty, stop trying to justify your lifestyle, keep it in the dark beacause most people find it repulssive, i hear this b.s all the time about the church spreading hate but in fact you hate yourselves beacuse you know what you’re doing is wrong but you try to make yourselves feel better by lashing out on anyone that does not agree with the wrong you’re doing, p.s keep in the dark ;)

December 6, 2011 at 8:36 pm

The question of nature vs. nurture can also be seen by examining children of homosexual vs. heterosexual parents. If homosexuality were purely biological, one would expect that parenting would not influence it. Paul Cameron published a study in 2006 that claimed that the children of homosexual parents expressed a homosexual orientation much more frequently than the general population.39 Although claims of bias were made against the study, another study by Walter Schuum in 2010 confirmed Cameron’s results by statistically examining the results of 10 other studies that addressed the question.40 In total, 262 children raised by homosexual parents were included in the analysis. The results showed that 16-57% of such children adopted a homosexual lifestyle. The results were even more striking in daughters of lesbian mothers, 33% to 57% of whom became lesbians themselves. Since homosexuals makeup only ~5% of the population, it is clear that parenting does influence sexual orientation.
here are some facts for you John,i agree john , you said it yourself that it’s non of my concern what consenting adult do in PRIVATE, but it becomes my concern and the public concern when they attempt to meddle with our law, it’s not like the police is broking down your doors to catch you in the act then arrest you, the law has no affect on you, unless you are a child molestor, if your’e not this law should’nt affect you .The whole agenda is to attempt to taming us ,and then they will eventually request more rights they think they deserve like marriage and adopting kids , and as the above paragraph shows, they wil impress on the young kids,that they adopt, that the lifestyle is ok. when it’s NOT!
you think these homos have a twig in their eye , nope they have the log, not sure if it is in their eyes t duhh maybe up their a_ _
@ bright man yeah really!!!!!! i deserve a standing ovation not only a bravo, don’t you think? hardly care for your sarcasm, you could shove it where those logs go

jill says:
well john i’m not going to argue about how they were born if they were born that way they were born with a deffect simple ,point blank, but not all were born like that ,your wrong about that one, i’ve seen women who loved men turn to women because of a stupid excuse that men cheat on them ,like a woman can’t cheat on them too, so those were born like that too? how about they lazy man, that deal with other man for money, were they born like that too? the mind is a powerful thing whatever it condition itself to do becomes the norm in your own mind. i agree with you that not every gay person want to molest a child, however the problem comes in when , the majority is ok with the law and the minority wants to change it to suit themselves,people are ok with them doing what they do behind doors, and you have it all wrong , i think it’s the other way around the other countries don’t take us seriously that’s why they think they can walls in and change ours laws, becuase we look vulnerable to them being such a young country, well they can keep out we don’t need their help when it come to our laws

Cola Supports Council of Churches in Fight Against UniBAM- 30th, November, 2011

Ang says:
Being gay is not a legal status its a sexual preference like doing sex with animals n other desires just as people have a right to be or accept gays I have a right to refuse this reform and vote against

jill says:
i must agree with be real100% these homosexuals who is(minority) want to come and impose on the majority ,their nasty lifestyle. cola is right ! it is a fact that homosexuality is anti life. if every woman match themselves with anonther woman and man with man no reproduction will occur and an end to mankind would fallow shortly, how hard is that to understand? and for that person above trying to sound smart by bringing up about heterosexual that can’t reproduce, for one, heterosexuals couple that cant reproduce, it’s not their fault they have no control over that but homosexual s it’s their choice not to reproduce, and those heterosexuals that cannot reproduce is a minority just like those homosexuals,

Overall comments is 12-Source: http://edition.channel5belize.com/archives/63917
1st Round of Churches vs UniBAM misfires-25th, November, 2011

Leslie says:
Lloyd it is guy people who are trying the impose their warped views on others, and because they cannot reproduce in same sex partnership they want to indoctrinate our children into their beliefs-the exact thin that you suggested in your last comment. Immagine if the man who was caught having sex with the cow says that he was born like that. Should society accept that lifestyle? No because it is destructive to mankind. Society has a responsibility to protect itself from destructive immoral tendencies- it not society will self destruct. It is one of bthe role of the Church to keep the moral bearings of society in line, when it is prevented from doing that a society is on the road to self destruction.

Les says:
Lloyd, suppose the man who was caught having sex with the cow says that he was born that way and lobbies for the right to sleep with animals. Should society respect his rights? He may even say that he raised the cow and the cow concents and enjoys it. Would that strenghten his arguments? What if the 50 year old child molester finds a young girl, say 8 years old and says that he loves her and that he was born with thath tendency to sleep with children. If he forms a group of child molesters and lobbies of their “rights” and identify children who concent, should society changel the legal age of concent to accomodate their “rights” because they claim to be born that way? See, where would it end. Society, including the Church has the obligation of protecting itself from destructive tendencies, and if it fails in this society will implode in destruction. The moral bearings need to be maintained for the good of the human race.

Leslie says:
Some people do not like to be told what is right and wrong. They prefer to make up the rules as they go along. This is very dangerous. The manufacturer of man has given us our manual and it would serve us well to live by it. If we make our own rules then we will have shorten an problematic use of the life HE has given us. We would be like the operator of a complex machine who neglects the service manual thinking he is smarter than the manufacturer. How shameful is the state of that man who thinks himself wise in his own eyes. Follow the Bible or try to figure out life on your own. The choice is yours. If you choose to neglect GOD’S manual for humans do not get angry with those who are wise to follow it and do not try to encourage others to be unwise like yourself in the name of “descriminatiom”.

marco says:
no, no, no to goddarned homosexuals. Get scarce or better yet disappear. Zero tolerance to this attitude or actions. I will not state any reason simply NO!

Churches Hold Discussion on UniBam-22nd November, 2011
Dennis Requena says:
It’s a shame that we have some people in our country that call themselves Belizean and are selfish. I would never want to have my child grow up in such an environment. All who say yes to gay marriage I say to you think about the future generation and that this is a curse in God’s eyes. Belize is bless and we want it to be that way! Gay and abortion I say no, no, no no, no, noooooo!!!!!!!!1
Churches Legal Dream Team Prepare for Unholy War-16th, November, 2011

general says:
……..godfrey smith and liz shoman…pack dem up and the rest of nasty people and n drop dem out a sea pass the reef…….
and let the sharks eat their body parts that they dont know how to use…..

bzn2dabone says:
I urge Belizeans to rise against this movement. We all know that Belize is a God-fearing country and thus, we should not let homosexuals have their way in our country. This will only lead to other immoral actions being committed. Belizeans, let’s take a stand against sexual immorality – homosexuality is totally wrong.

pp says:
Yeah! Let homosexuality legalize, then people will legalize Pedophilia or Zoophilia, cause all of them are human right????????????????????????

louisville,ky says:
It is amazing how this Gay rights foolishness is flooding the countries of the world like a devastating Tsunami. So that Belize, even my Belize, has taken the bait , hook, line and sinker.
It’s not even as if I am jumping on the churchs’ band wagon in denouncing this ‘sleckniss’ because for the most part they themselves have not been completely blameless as far as their stand on homosexual matters are concerned.
Homosexuality is WRONG, PERIOD !!……….And who bex, bex.
You don’t have to believe in the bible. You don’t even have to believe in God. Just go to the history books and inquire what happened to the ancient cities of Soddom and Gomorrah and why they vanished.
My beef with homosexuals is the close relations they have with Pedophiles. Show me a man that has sex with another man and I’ll show you a man that molests little boys.
Is that the reason why they want the laws to be changed, so that they may have more freedom with our little boys? Because on the real, nobody gives a rat’s backside ( pun intended ) what you hairy tone men do behind closed doors.

Abe says:
Sofia: So if everyone is gay, and if they are so much better than anyone thats straight, who will bring forth more generations of children?? Every single person that comments here and the whole world knows in their heart, that being gay is WRONG!! And guess what, anyone gay trying to make any sexual advances at me, will NOT have a happy life, EVER!! It will come to the point where this stuff will be taught to our children and this will cause a very unhealthy influence. I would rather die than agree to this corrupted devilish satanic demon loving peope!!
Im a male and am happily married to a female!!!!

ReVoLuTiOn says:
@ Hill two rights does not make a wrong. LEave God out of it. You all just want to practise what is unnatural. Go ahead and do it and suffer the Physical and Spiritual consequence. But don’t harrass people to accept your nastiness.

Minister Boots Martinez catfight ‘tooth and nail’ with UNIBAM-14th September, 2011

“My position is that God never placed anything on me for me to look at a man and jump on a man. I’ll be clear on it … How would you decriminalize that, I am sorry, but that is law. Not only is the law made by man that is a law made from the Bible. Why do you think God made a man and a woman, man has what woman wants, and woman has what man wants, it’s as simple as that. I’ll fight tooth and nail to keep that law.”

O.Walk observer says:
Homo habalis, you are an exception to the rule, the minority that just want to attract attention. The gay who have been doing their “….” stuff in private have not had any problem with the law or tha public whatsoever; just like any straight couple who do their stuff in private, nobody cares about that. Now when both parties attempt to do it in public, then there is a problem due to indecent exposure or commiting an unnatural act in public. Is this what gays are figthing for?? This is a no no; and even hetrosexuals cannot expose themselves in public doing any sexual act.
Gays should be satisfied as how the laws stand now (let sleeping dogs lie) or then somethings can backfire on them; remember that they are a small minority. NO TO THEM!!

marco says:
Amen to “Boots” Martinez. God puts leaders in place to do the right thing based upon God’s good principle. Go deh strong Mr. Martinez, you have my support and If I could vote ten times I would vote for you to be our Prime Minister.
Idle minds is the devil workshop and that is what is happening to these people seeking to promote ungodly acts. Even in straight relations, it is wrong to act unnaturally. Sex is a blessing with an expected end result of procreating.
To all Gay, take your bad feelings to God for correction before you feel the wrath to come!!!!

if the orchestrator of the 53 challenge was silenced would anyone give a damn other than his biological kindred and like minded baffoons

Carnal Intercourse Against the order of nature- 24th, May, 2011

ESSB says:
Caleb is a big freak…his !@#$ should be kicked out of this country.

Disgusted! says:
Quite frankly, Caleb Orosco is treading on very dangerous grounds attracting attention that he might regret and the government and churches is even worse for wasting tax payers’ dollars to deal with this matter that won’t go away……..The eventual repercussions of this will lead to serious crimes against gays and their blood will be Orosco’s hands for inciting public hatred and anger against innocent gay people. This is taking it too far now because that portion of the law was never enforced and didn’t actually pose a threat to gays. Orosco needs to re-evaluate his priorities, get on with his private life and stop trying to be a hero. Be careful Caleb…Be Very Careful my brother. I don’t hate you but you are opening Pandora’s box and it will cause misery for others.

Council of Churches against UniBAM seeking of Gay Rights-19th, May, 2011

george usher says:
i dont think u guys forget when we let that gay in we had hurricane for about 5 years all hurricane came to belize do the right thing adam and eve not steve be careful i mean that gay ship that no one wanted belize lets obay god we use to stone them to death thats the law right dont change it please good luck guys this is central america not america

UNIBAM President says homosexual rights are basic human rights-19th, May, 2011

Elgin Martinez says:
No one didn’t even knew or care if this idiot was gay.He is the one who chose to expose himself. As a result let him deal with the bashing.

Jah says:
No to faggots, go away………………..

Richard says:
Gay men all over our society. We need to start to clean up all the departments filled of gay men. W talk about waste of money. They using government funding and also outside help to go on big gay festivals. Gay prides all over the world. Mexico, U.S.A and then come and boast about it. They have gay meetings. Men having sex with Men like its something they proud of. These institutions should be ashame and the government should be aware of what they are doing with the money, Most of there staff is gay. Alliance -Against – Aids. National Aids Commission, Pasmo, UNIBAM and i am sure there many more. It gets to me that educated people dont have a job, yet from the head right down to the tail these …….. are having a good time using these organizations to have a good time. Gay movements, we nuh ready fu this yet. Burn fire!!

Sadly we are face with this kinda drama. We are need to get rid of all the organizations filled with gay men. National Aids commission, Alliance against aids and Unibam, They spending tax payers money hiring gay men to suit the bedtime stories. They having gay parties every so often and taking trips used to be business and have a feast at gay joinst, time for this to stop, all teh heads of these organizations are gay, and many of there workers, sad but true, out with this man, we too small for this.

1.    JOHNNY says:


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