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A few examples of Media coverage of attack

Our friends Belize Action team issued a statement on their facebook site and this is what they had to say. the post was February 10th, 2012

We have stated in previous posts, and repeat again, someone stoning Caleb Orozco with a bottle & breaking out his teeth was a TERRIBLE & DEPLORABLE act which we ABSOLUTELY CONDEMN!! To add insult to injury, the pint thrower slipped away on bike and no one is detained, as so many of the "shooters" & "thieves" do. ANY act of violence for ANY reason (apart from self defense or protecting our wonderful children) is absolutely wrong, selfish, hurtful, & criminal. It's sick & it's sad, and we are relieved and grateful that it wasn't WORSE - it could have easily been worse.

To automatically imply or infer that anyone opposed to UNIBAM or the LGBT agenda in Belize is overjoyed, much less responsible for that act, is simply PREJUDICE, spin, and distractive. Keeping the MAIN THING the MAIN THING, Belize Action's position on the UNIBAM sodomy lawsuit remains the same, based upon principle, values, and societal concerns. SECTION 53 DOES NOT VIOLATE HUMAN DIGNITY, AS OROZCO & UNIBAM CLAIM. IT PROTECTS HUMAN DIGNITY, AS IT IS THE PRIMARY LAW USED IN MANY MANY DEPLORABLE SEXUAL ABUSE CASES, ESPECIALLY AGAINST CHILDREN, AND HAS NEVER ONCE BEEN USED TO PROSECUTE ANY CONSENSUAL ACT. (all caps for emphasis, not shouting! :-)

UNIBAM & Orozco HAD the opportunity to suggest amending the law to forbid abusive acts but allow for consensual acts, BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT THEY ARE REQUESTING IN THIS LAWSUIT!!! They are seeking a "blanket removal" of that law, except for bestiality. This was either a terrible strategic legal error, OR is because of the SUBSEQUENT LGBT AGENDA to follow. In our deepest concern for our nation, our children, & generations to come, we believe UNIBAM's intent is the latter...

UNIBAM leader Caleb Orozco attacked
Sunday, 12.02.2012, 01:42pm (GMT-6)

By William Ysaguirre
Staff Reporter
Caleb Orozco
Caleb Orozco, 38, the leader of the UNIBAM, the movement which has brought a constitutional challenge in the Supreme Court to decriminalize unnatural sex acts under Belizean law, was attacked on Wednesday evening, February 8.
Orozco said an unidentified assailant threw a brown beer bottle at his face, while he was on Prince Street between George and West Streets between 4:30-5:50 p.m.
He told The Reporter he had walked from Basra Street towards St Ignatius School and turned onto Euphrates Avenue when he heard someone behind him say: “tell dem bally no walk pahn my street.”
He then turned right into Dean Street when he observed two men stalking him from a distance as he walked toward the Dean Street Police substation at the corner with West Street.
He said he had turned into Prince Street and had turned to see if he was still being followed when the bottle hit him on his right jaw. The bottle did not break on impact but shattered when it hit the ground, so Caleb said he could not say for sure what brand of beer it was.
He was stunned but did not fall to the ground and continued walking away from his assailants who did not pursue him further.
He consulted with his attorney, Lisa Shoman, who is representing UNIBAM in the Supreme Court, but she counselled him that reporting the assault to the police might prove a waste of time.
When Love TV’s Patrick Jones interviewed him, Orozco said he pointed out his assailant to Jones, who convinced him to make a report so the attack could be on record. Caleb said he went to the Dean St. substation and informed the officer on duty that he had been attacked and that his assailant was still just up the street, but the officer refused to leave his post to investigate, but took down his statement
Orozco was treated  for his injury at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital by Dr. Gonzalez, who certified his injury on the medico-legal form provided by the police. He said he left the hospital around 9:30 p.m. and went home to recover.
Orozco said the attack was but a small incident in the growing tide of homo-phobic violence which is sweeping the country, and he cited a litany of murders of men who had openly expressed their sexual orientation or who were believed to be homosexuals, and the numbers are indeed alarming.


Gay rights activist physically attacked

Caleb Orozco
Gay rights activist Caleb Orozco was this afternoon physically assaulted on Belize City south side.  Orozco told Love News that he was going about his own business when he was accosted and assaulted, leaving him with two broken tooth.
Orozco suffered two broken tooth as a result of the attack.  And even though he had originally said he would not report the matter to the police, Orozco late this evening went to the Mesopotamia police substation to make a report about the incident.  Orozco, as president of the United Belize Advocacy Movement on behalf of himself and the organization is challenging section 53 of the criminal code.

Source: http://www.lovetv.com.bz/2012/02/08/gay-rights-activist-physically-attacked/

UNAIDS Report:

Advocate's attack underlines need for equal protection

Submitted by admin on Mon, 02/13/2012 - 14:45 - 0 Comments
With intimidation, insults and assault, a couple of unidentified men have brought into focus the vulnerability and inequity endured by sexual minorities in Belize.   
Caleb Orozco, Executive Director of the United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM), alleges that last Wednesday he was followed and threatened before an assailant hurled a beer bottle at his face, hitting his jaw and damaging two of his teeth. Orozco is at the forefront of a constitutional challenge to Belize’s colonial era laws regarding sex between men. But while he may be more visible than most, harassment is a shared experience for many gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) persons.
Last year the advocate opened up about his experience of attacks through the years, stressing that that verbal and physical abuse were daily features of life for him and for many others. Moreover, Orozco maintained that there is a low degree of trust that the protective services would respond to, investigate and follow through on reports made by sexual minorities. At first reluctant to file a report, Orozco was eventually convinced to do so and a statement was taken by the police. Up to this point no arrests have been made.
The UNIBAM constitutional challenge is a step toward correcting the misconception that some people are not entitled to equal treatment and protection by dint of their real or perceived sexuality or gender identity. But that isn’t UNIBAM’s only approach. Just last month the organisation launched the “We are one” campaign, a nationwide effort meant  to foster sensitisation and dialogue around the theme of equal rights for all. The campaign combines mass media messages and engagement surrounding the mistreatment of GLBTs with an outlet for people across Belize to express solidarity with the concept of equality.
Let’s join together to condemn the incitement and perpetration of acts of violence toward all people, including those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. It is imperative that individuals, communities, the protective services and governments do more to both affirm peace and ensure the security of everyone.

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