Friday, February 3, 2012

Is this a Idle threat by government press? You Decide?

The Guardian reported this week edition that the case may do more harm than good. What is the gay community supposed to do when we live in a society where religious leaders choose to perpetuate moral hypocrasy in the pursuit of holding on to traditional influence and politician have indicated to get on the bandwagon of extremists fanatisim. No politician should ever have to be measured in their approach to uphold the human rights of a marginlised groups. Yet, politicains have been very selective in issuing strong statements. It is unfortunate our media especially in the newspapers cannot be responsible in informing the population about section 53. All the United Belize Advocacy Movement is doing is demanding rights-enforcement through the court.  See below the share prejudice and bias of this article.

Buggers Need to Worry About Those Not Making Noise - UNIBAM Case May Do More Harm than Good for Gay Community

Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 02 February 2012 00:00
On Monday, January 30, UNIBAM’s case against the Government of Belize was heard before Justice Michelle Arana in the Belize Supreme Court UNIBAM wants sodomy to be decriminalized in Belize.

In court, attorneys for the Government and the Churches submitted that UNIBAM had no grounds in the case because as an organization it has no constitutionally guaranteed rights. Therefore, UNIBAM should be removed as a claimant in the case. Submissions were also made to strike out experts that were to appear on behalf of UNIBAM because they were not properly introduced. Justice Arana reserved judgment on the submissions for a later date. If UNIBAM is struck out as a claimant, the case will still proceed on the constitutional arguments because Caleb Orozco, UNIBAM’s leader, was also listed as a claimant and is guaranteed fundamental rights as a human.  

During the hearing, a few church members paraded in the area. The Church has been the most outspoken opponent of UNIBAM’s agenda and Orozco had some harsh words for the church in a recent interview with 7 News. He said, “My friends at the Catholic Church need to check their billion dollar budget; my good friends at the Anglican Church need to check their overdraft, and my good friends at the Evangelical Association need to check their pastors.” Orozco needs to be careful in his movement. While he seems prepared to take on the church, he should be worried about a much more dangerous opponent, the silent public.

While most Belizeans are not speaking out, anti-gay sentiment is at an all time high. Many are questioning UNIBAM’s motives. Some believe that they should leave well enough alone because nobody is bothering them. One man said, “It’s not like police are breaking down their doors and arresting them for their bedroom business so why go to court.” Some feel that they want to throw their alternative lifestyles down our throat. It is now common in casual conversations to hear people speak of hurting “one of them”. Belize is one of the most tolerant countries but if pushed, the population will push back and UNIBAM will truly see just how strong the opposition to its homosexual agenda really is.

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  1. I'm old enough to remember that in the U.S. in the 1940s and 1950s, all my white family members and friends couldn't understand why all the black folk were getting all worked up over not having their 'civil rights'. After all, blacks weren't slaves anymore! They could have jobs and go to school! What's all this fuss about needing equality? Many white people in the nation felt blacks should leave well enough alone because nobody was bothering them.

    But what many whites didn't understand was that there were specific laws on the books that made criminals of blacks if they decided to go against societal norms, like marrying a white person. At the time, conservative church leaders declared interracial marriage to be against biblical law and an abomination, just as some claim gay people to be today.

    And so it is with laws that punish citizens for private consentual behaviour between two adults of the same sex. If such laws are on the books, yet never enforced, there must be a reason. And that reason is because the participants are not being harmed. Therefore, such laws should be abolished.

    One the purposes of government is to ensure equal treatment of all its citizens. Private sexual behaviour between two consenting adults is not a moral matter that governments should have any business legislating, as long as such relationships do not violate the right(s) of either party involved.