Saturday, June 25, 2011

Advancing the Section 53 Case-Review

June 25th, 2011

The case has inspired the LGBT community to organize itself as a strategy group. This to me is cool and so in my mind they will be primarily handling the Public Relations issues of the case. I have committed to staying out of their way to allow for spokespersons to step up. While this is happening Civil Society has also organized themselves to conduct research, issue a statement etc.

It is clear from my analysis that parts of the media is bias in not allowing for a health discourse. Plus TV has shut down any healthy discussion in out case and sought to misrepresent the facts. The press release in this case have followed a similiar line. Here are some things that have happen so far with my religious opponents.

1).Say we are going after the children and demanding New Rights.
2).Our case threatens the fundamental right of the churches to practice their own belief.
3).We will use sexual health education to promote homosexual acts.
4).We raise rats to have sex.
5).That if you pray enough you could be cured of homosexuality.
6).Homosexuality is a choice.
7).We are pushing this case to advance gay marriage
8).The Evangelicals have had the case on Christian TV for one month hammering away at the case and completely misrepresenting the facts.
9). the Evangelicals led by Pastor  Scott Stirm (I call him sperm) organized a group of about 50 pastors in the Western part of the country at a Church called Calverio Church to ask for Prays of finance to support the case on May 2nd.
11).On June 5th, a motercade of about 20 cars paraded in our nations capitals with the usual hatful signs that tiggered harrassment of our people in that part of the country.
12).They aired a 3 part series where they explained that the will used ads to show how we are going to target the children; use a ex-gay to show how prays can cure homosexuality and basically fearmonger.
13). They had a meeting in Belize City at a Nazerene church where among other things they would pray for Caleb to drive the demons out of him. One guy said that he went to bed angry, but when he woke up he was told by God that he should not be angry at Caleb and when he sees Caleb he should give Caleb a hug.

14). On June 11th, I was at the airport bus stop when a woman, all of a sudden felt the holy ghost and that she needed to send me words of God's Love.(of course i was completely irritated.) Upon going to buy water for Eric, she told eric and i quote" This maybe the last few minutes on Earth, Turn to God!" I was irked after he told me what happened  while we were leaving. I got upset because he arrived with a fever. On the same day and man drove up to me with a prayer paper and repeated his action about two days ago.

Were are we with the case is  Pre-Trial Hearing is to be heard July 27th, 2011 while the full hearings is not expected before December as the lawyers are having trouble setting a date. Work continues on additional submissions as well on our side.

I must say things have calmed down now, but expect the usual protests next the court, usual media biases and fearmongering. We shall see how it goes. This time around, I will be stepping back on the case and allowing others to the forefront.

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