Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bigotry In Belize

Through facebook at a meeting in El Salvador for the OAS, I learnt that the there was a motorcade of 20 cars, with signs etc against homosexuality and UniBAM. This was captured on Channel 7 news with the following:

Amin Hegar, Aspirant for Std. Bearer"I don't care who supports other candidates. All I care is that the people of Belmopan care about me and care about their future - the one Christian person who believes in God and that is most important."
Jules Vasquez
"We know that Ms. Shoman have filed some papers on behalf of UNIBAM. Has that been an issue in your campaign? Have you made it an issue?"
Amin Hegar, Aspirant for Std. Bearer
"That has not been an issue in my campaign, it has been an issue in Lisa's campaign to be frankly."
Jules Vasquez
"Have you exploited it?"
Amin Hegar, Aspirant for Std. Bearer
"I have never exploited that. The churches probably have. Yesterday we had the big protest that was against UNIBAM, if it hurts any candidate - that's their problem. It doesn't hurt me because I am not for that. I am a Christian." source

Beyond this, the facebook conversation shared,  that the speakers were estimating that  if 200 Families donate $100, they would have a legal fund for a lawyer. The group had signs against homosexuality etc. int heir motorcade of 20 cars. This was done in the Capital City, Belmopan. While the march was happening one young man shared how he had a cuzing match because of a bigot.  On top of this, we know Pastor Stirm sought to organize the Evangelical Pastors on May 2nd, 2010 at Calverio Church, in the Cayo district. Pastor Stirm, we were told, was asking for Prays or Funds. Most pastors could only offer prays and their programs where stretched for funds. We know that Plus TV has been a staunch opponent in this case, faning the flames of hate and intolerance for the month of May looking at 'The legal Arguements, The religious arguements and psychological arguements etc. On top of this, we know the churches had planned meetings on June 2nd, 2011 at the Nazerene Church in Belize City. We know that they will use a poster child of Reparative Therapy. Simply put, a gay man who gone straight. We know that they will sell fearmongering as the keep message and will advance the Press Release that they have gotten published in the Amandala and Reporter. We know that they have discussed the possible protest of the case when it goes  to court trial hearings.

Aint this good news?

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