Overturning the Constitution-Paul Rodriguez

Posted on blog: 25th, June, 2011
Posted on the Amandala websited:  10th June,2011
Dear Editor,
To understand the enormity of what Caleb Orosco is asking our Supreme Court to do, you have to know the features of the Belize Constitution, especially its Preamble and its chapter on individual rights and freedoms.
Our Constitution is not unique in admitting the existence of God, but it does so in a simple direct way, giving evidence of the genius of the men who framed it. In paragraph (a) it says that our nation is founded upon principles which acknowledge the supremacy of God.
Paragraph (b) tells Belizeans that we are not just a conglomeration of individuals, but a society which must work for the common good.
Paragraph (c) proclaims that the will of the people is the basis of governance in Belize.
One could have thought that after mentioning those powerful foundational principles contained in (a), (b) and (c) the framers of the Constitution had said enough, but they continued to draw an inevitable conclusion in (d) “that men and institutions remain free only when freedom is founded upon respect for moral and spiritual values and upon the rule of law.”
I have seen Caleb Orosco in two television interviews; both times he has asserted that all he wants is to be conceded his right of free sexual expression. With due respect, both times he conjured up the image of a child who throws a tantrum for a lollipop which its mother is refusing him, because he is diabetic.  Good and dutiful mothers always do what is right and best for the child by refusing to deliver the candy to the child.
Like a good mother, Belize must refuse to concede to him a right which he thinks he has but really does not, because it does not exist. The right to sexual expression is based on the human biological need to procreate and continue the species.  It is not based on an individual’s desire to experience pleasure.
Whether he realizes it or not, what Mr. Orosco is asking Belize to do is to concede that he has an absolute right of privacy to express his sexuality, whether that expression accords with the good of society, or not. 
On the other hand, Chapter Two of the Constitution, with abundant clarity, tells me that no right is absolute, that every right must be limited so as not to prejudice the rights and freedoms of others.
How will Mr. Orosco’s absolute right of sexual expression prejudice the rights and freedom of others?
Once homosexuality is de-criminalized, everyone who has the tendency will be free to openly engage in the lifestyle and promote it to others, reaching into homes and influencing our children in schools. Over 95% of Belizeans believe the homosexual act to be immoral. If I may not say this publicly, is not my right to educate my children as I see fit prejudiced?
If Mr. Orosco wins his day in court, it will be a monumental tragedy for Belize. Among other errors that will be re-introduced is the pagan concept that physical pleasure is the greatest good. Then we can kiss goodbye to the socially upbuilding values of self-sacrifice, having a concern for others, putting another first, the willingness to put your life on the line to protect others, etc.
As we go through this exercise of determining why we should and must reject Caleb Orosco’s initiative, it is my fervent prayer that Belizeans will review and repossess the greatest social, cultural and civilizational values ever conceived. Among them are: (1) there is one God who exercises a benevolent providence over us; (2) mankind is God’s family; (3) all humans are God’s children and we are all brothers and sisters; (4) suffering pain in doing the right thing is part of God’s plan for us to develop strength of character to save ourselves and others from mediocrity and uselessness.
Our Belize is destined for greatness! We will achieve that high estate when we wholeheartedly embrace the values which have from the beginning led to the creation of great societies.
Paul Rodriguez


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