Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Reporter Editorial-Just Fascinating

Posted on The Reporter site on 29th April,2011
Posted on this blog: 25th June, 2011

I always love when newspapers misrepresent the facts, but like all things, free speech is free speech. See below the editorial from the reporter:

It has to be clear to all that the campaign by unibam to gain legal recognition for homosexuals and lesbians  is  being sponsored by funding from abroad! Unibam has retained the services of two attorneys from abroad who are Queen’s Counsels, and the leader of unibam has admitted that he getting support from the gay organization known as the Human Dignity Trust.
Unibam also claims it has the support of the Belize AIDS Commission, which is a government-appointed  civil   body established to  reduce the prevalence  of AIDS in Belize. Some of the people serving on this Commission appear to be sympathetic to unibam’s cause, though there has been no official pronouncement on this subject.
A spokesperson for the Commission has disclosed however that the Commission has prepared draft legislation designed to remove the stigma attached to homosexuality and lesbianism, in the hope that people suffering from AIDS will be more willing to come forward for treatment.
These efforts to normalize deviant behavior by removing the taboos are presented in the guise of modern thinking. Laws which discourage homosexual behavior are described as old-fashioned. A new liberalism, which has begun to sweep the Caribbean now argues that the contagion of AIDS, which was greatly assisted by homosexual behavior in the first place, may now be contained by more homosexual behavior that has legal approval.  
What we are seeing in Belize is how lobbyist organizations from abroad spend their money to influence developments in Belize. It began with lobbyists from the United Kingdom who provided money for appeals against capital punishment in Belize.           
This was followed by environmental lobbyists who are opposed to oil exploration in nature reserves, and who are willing to provide money to buy friends and influence people.
The third wave of lobbying activity has now arrived - to legalize homosexual behavior because, its proponents promise, it will help to control the AIDS epidemic.                         
The difficulty with the liberal philosophy is that it  is so deceptively plausible! It will take years of community decay to disprove the garbage inherent in the new ideas. Suspension of the death penalty in Belize has not reduced the volume and frequency of murder! 
Failure to develop our petroleum and petro-chemical potential will not help to liberate Belize from her cycle of poverty and crime.  Legal acceptance of homosexual behavior will not play any significant role in reducing the incidence of AIDS in Belize. 
 The AIDS epidemic   will be controlled by responsible social behavior, not by further licentiousness and debauchery! The allure of the forbidden fruit is always hard to resist. Those who eat of it will indeed have their eyes opened. But only disillusionment and decay await those who believe in its empty promises.

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