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Debate on Love FM with Christain Right Opponent

  Posted 22nd December, 2012

While the debate happened June 28th, 2012 on loveFM around our L.G.B.T Human Rights work, its historical relevance becomes important as we move into the 2013 and the full hearings on 7th to 10th May, 2013. The work of public education is never done as it is a long-term investment in changing hearts and minds. I didnt think that it was important to win the argument, but to hold ground firmly that the Christian rights wing extremist thinking should not go unchallenged in the media. I was extremely happy with my performance as every answer was engaged properly, except when wade referenced the Legal Judgement of April where justice Arana stuck out UniBAM as claimant in the case. This debate follows, efforts to educate the students at Galen University about section 53 and a debate for a student divergent forum done on the Belmopan campus at the University of Belize and on January 16th, 2012 that was aired on channel 5 called the Dickie Bradley Show where Wade and I debated on the issues.


An interview was done along with a promo of the big night which went over by 30 minutes, the moderators shared that it was better than the mayoral debates that they previously organized and hoped that a follow-up debate could be organized. I left feeling like I had redeemed myself from the student divergent forum in Belmopan where it was a mockery, miscommunication and deliberate set up as Wade PlusTV was allowed to document the entire debate without my consent. But like life experiences one learns to improve on the next efforts. I remain grateful that Wade accepted the invitation and that LoveFM supported the process. Their promo can be seen below for the event.


Love FM and Love TV Host Debate on Homosexuality Jun 28, 2012

The topic is here, there, everywhere.  Do gay people have rights and if so what are those rights limited to?  Or do they have no rights at all?  Are they just partaking in something lewd against humanity?  All of these questions and more will be discussed tonight in a one of a kind debate taking place on Love FM and Love Television.  Organizer Julia Carrillo explains:

Julia Carrillo, Love FM’s Manager
“This debate is on the topic of homosexuality.  As you will recall, Love FM and Love Television had engaged in a series of debates leading up to the elections and it is something, that when we started up the debates, we said it was something we would want to continue.  At least once every so often we’ll organize a debate and so the opportunity came up for us to talk about the homosexuality issue.  It is an issue that is out there, it is a topic that is being debated everywhere, in the home, to any restaurant you go, in the work…so we thought, let’s bring the two most, the two people who are most advocate about their side of the debate and we agreed we got Caleb Orosco and Louis Wade Jr. who will come tonight to Love FM and Love Television and they will each present their point of view on the side that they have on the topic of homosexuality.  We also want to make sure it is a fair debate so we decided to get two persons who are well known, Francis Gegg and Nuri Muhammed, each having their own view on that same topic and so we figured putting the two of them together would make it a balanced debate.  So the topic, it’s a wide topic and there are different areas of the debate.  I don’t want to give out much information rather I’d like to invite you to tune in tonight at seven o’clock on Love FM and Love Television.  It’s the first of its kind debate on the topic of homosexuality and depending on the outcome of it; hopefully we’ll be able to have more on this topic and other topics.  It’s a part of our agenda to educate, entertain and inform.”
Natalie Novelo, Reporter
“Would you say that a debate is modeled to change people’s way of thinking?”
Julia Carrillo, Love FM’s Manager
“Well, I don’t know if it would change anyone’s way of thinking but the idea is to get the information out there and then you decide which side you want to take on this issue.   It’s not geared to change your way of thinking but rather to put the information out there and then you decide.”
Once again the time for the debate is from seven to eight thirty pm on Love Fm and Love Television and you can also catch the live streaming at


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