Rene Vera 140th murder in 2012

 36 year old Rene Vera is stabbed to death
Date: Mon 24, Dec 2012 
Christmas Day is tomorrow but there are some Belizean families who are mourning instead of celebrating. That's because there was a murder in Santa Elena and another one in Dangriga over the weekend, both caused by stabbings. We'll begin this evening  with the Santa Elena murder. 36 year old Rene Vera is the victim who was stabbed to death in his home and it appears to be a crime of passion. Vera's body was found inside his home on Bishop Martin Street in Santa Elena town where three males reside.  When Rene's partner  arrived home on Saturday afternoon after a month of being away at work in Pine Ridge, the sight that greeted him  was gruesome; a ransacked house with blood everywhere and Vera's lifeless body with multiple stab wounds. Vera was found in his bedroom with nine stab wounds to his heart, neck and lungs.


Inside one of the bedrooms, Police saw the lifeless body of Mr Vera lying on the left side of his body, in a pool of blood, with multiple stab wounds on his chest area and his neck. Also seen was blood all around the house, in the living room, and in the other bedroom also.   The Christmas tree that the gentleman has was somewhat leaning against the wall.  The dining table was moved from its original position, which indicated  that apparently there was a struggle inside the house.

Reports are that Vera was last seen alive  singing at Sun Set Bar and was seen leaving the bar with another man.  By 3 o'clock the following afternoon, Vera was dead. A neighbour reported that he passed the house at about one o'clock Saturday morning and saw the house door open and lights  on but didn't go to check if something was wrong.  Police have since detained a person of interest who claims to be Rene's cousin but police say he is being highly uncooperative.

As a result of interviews conducted, we have a person in custody.  This person has been questioned.  So far we're reluctant.  He does not want to cooperate with the Police.  Apparently, he was the last person seen with Me Vera, but not in the residence of Me Vera, just in the vacinity, about two blocks from his house. We no see no sign of breakage, which indicates that it appears that the person was somehow invited by Mr Vera into his residence.  We believing that they were socializing, because we see a container where they had ice placed in it, three or four Coke bottles, and a broked Caribbean Gold bottle on the floor of the house.

According to those we spoke with, Vera's lifestyle choices may have placed him in dangerous and vulnerable situations. One family member we spoke with told us that the Rene they know was a fun loving guy.

My uncle, he was a friendly person.  We would say he was a people person.  He grew with everybody.  Yes, he has problems, but he would still get along with them afterwards. He doesn't hold anything against anybody.  His family comes first.  That was the main thing to him.  When I just found out, I screem, I cried for a little while, and I see my cousins crying.  I have to be strong,  He's gone.  We won,t see him, talk to him, but he's always in our heart, and I will never forget him.  They founf the person.  He's related to  us.  He's our cousin. And to make it worse, because that's a surprise that our own family gonna do this.

Police have not made any arrests as yet but say they are preparing papers to submit to the DPP's office to see if they will proceed with any charges.


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