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Posted: December, 9th, 2012

The point of this profile to recognize valued individuals for their stance and the support they provide as an effort to address hearts and minds progress. Rev Mary Martin, in is a spiritual tiger, who can reduce the loudest persons into a mere wimper. Her contribution in social movement in the United States is an untold local story.Her contribution to our efforts in Belize has been a quiet breeze, slowly, working up a spiritual storm. Rev. Mary Martin  can be scene below from Free Spirit Worship Center in Grand Rapids (center) gathers at Calder plaza in 2009 with a group in favor of gay marriage. While is was an issue intensified by the Christian right in Belize, it gives us pause as a community to ask what do we want for social protection, is it gay marriage or is it simply family acceptance.Source:( http://www.mlive.com/news/index.ssf/2012/11/state_of_the_state_survey_majo.html)


The issue of family will have a resurgence, but in the mean time, Mary reminded me about the importance of the heart when deal with people. This photo taken by channel five after walking in solidarity with doctors to support their community concern against crime and violence on June 19, 2012 after Dr. Ivan Garcia was killed in his home, is a pleasant reminder. The untold story is that when the walk ended, she  offered, after I had expressed concerns, to stay with me while the crowd was around. The offer came with such sincerity and reassurance, that I was able to stay  and deal with the crowd.This was why we were talking here.

In the walk, previous to the conversation above, Her sign simply said , " ‘In my tradition thou shall not be a victim; thou shall not be a perpetrator; thou shall not be a bystander." We were the only ones, but she was there.

Mary's sincerity is shared with other UniBAM supporters at a candle light vigil for Jasmine Lowe at the Battle field park along with other supporters, Ian Anderson, his wife, Brent, Nyasha  who was there to distribute 50 plates of food to the homeless as well. Such sincerity cannot me planned or  paid for by anyone. 

For 2012, our opponents can say what they want about the Rev, they can never claim she is inconsistent, rude or unpleasant. when she was asked to contributed to our national dialogue that happened on July, 24th, 2012 she said without hesitation yes. She has also offered to do ceremonial weddings for the community as well as counseling as needed. She is truly a breathe of fresh air.


  1. The Reverend Mary Martin is one of those rare individuals who do good for the sake of decency and goodness alone. Yes, she is a Christian, so in many Christian theologies, her good works and faith will surely send her to paradise. But anyone who knows her well knows that her good works are not in the service of her own fate, but in the service of those around her. She is a societal treasure, a mensch, a gift to any community she chooses to engage. I, personally, am extremely grateful that my life includes her friendship.


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