To not be safe in ones Bed

 Posted December 29th, 2012 

We don't often profile crime and justice issues that impact the L.G.B.T community in Belize and the impact of random crime. Samuel Sho is an example of how crime can affect an individual while sleeping. Samuel, an openly gay man living between San Ignacio and Punta Gorda experienced the ultimate violation when he lost a finger, was chopped in the face, wrist and skull. His Father Jose Sho lost his life in the home invasion incident, but the psychological scars remains. I found out about his story while attending the funeral of Rene Vera at the scared heart church. I was horrified at see the many scars on this young man. Amazingly, I found out later that he was roomate with Rene Vera, but was in Punta Gorda visiting is mom when he learnt of Rene Vera death. The idea of a repeat truama so close to home could sent a person to spin emotionally out of control. All i could remember of him as I was on the bus returning to Belize City are these scars that he must live with for the rest of his life. 


As a matter of course, The United Belize Advocacy movement is concern about the 300 plus murders that have taken place since 2010 as well as random crimes like these experience in the home. It is clear that the right to movement comes with inherent dangers of being murdered or injured. As a country, it is clear we have a weak justice system that supports investigative and psychological needs of victims of crime.

Samuel sho story of his family being injured is told below in a channel 5 news television story below.

PG Sho Family members still in hospital after murder and chopping

In other news from the south, a home invasion on the outskirts of Punta Gorda town has left one man dead and two others hospitalized. Care-takers of Tropic Inn, the Sho family, was asleep when around four on Sunday morning a man entered the building and inflicted numerous chop wounds to three members of the family. Pablo Sho was chopped to the head and both hands which caused him to succumb to his injuries at the K.H.M.H. on Monday morning.  Forty-nine year old Patricia Sho, who was chopped to the head, is in a stable condition and underwent surgery today.  Twenty-four year old Samuel Sho whose left wrist was amputated during the attack, also suffered chop wounds to the face, forehead, and mouth; He remains hospitalized in a stable condition.  The Sho family declined comments to the media.



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