Harrassment by neighbor

Posted 15th February, 2013

It seems my neighborhood around Zericote street is changing, as the older folks die off and new ones enter , the community spirit of caring has been lost. Imagine having a cold, and the neighbor saying thinking that coughing out the phlegm was an indication that you did not like them. True its a nasty habit to spit cold on the street, but the idea that I was spiting being interpreted as a sign of disrespect that news to me. It seems I am not allowed to spit as part of a body function.

My neighbor though can't seem to mind his own business. He was raking his yard this morning, I saw this while locking my door to go buy toiletries, but when I got to closing my gate he was standing outside his gate staring me down as if I did something to him. This is the 2nd time he has made as issue of my presence. I walking with an eye on him to see if he would move. He didnt, thank GOD as he is bigger than I am. When I returned my sister boyfriend said that he was waiting for me to put me into the ICU.

I fine it incredible that the right to movement would be so influenced by the homophobic attitude of a neighbor who it seems is obsessed with my presence. I dont like this one bit. Stoning with a beer bottle, now this! What the hell next?


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