Rights of Gay Belizeans to Cultural Expression-

Posted 14th, February, 2013

When group feel stigmatise and discriminated against they will fine their own spaces to assert their existence, pride parties, holloween parties and carnival participation is all part of a uncoordinated effort to assert individual right to human dignity. Here is an example of persons, doing just that at a halloween party this past year.

 When we think of Carnaval we dont think of Orange Walk, but Carnaval in Orange Walk in 2011 is filled with surprises of expression and public tolerance and points out that it depends on the district that will shape your perception of personal safety.

In 2012, Orange Walk was not the same as 2011, as the mood, the energy and the paranoia was intensified. The energy and the welcoming energy changed after my attack, but nevertheless, action speaks louder than words when a person chooses to get up and dance in public, even without a costume and alc0hol. Here is Kenny White engaging the music and creating his own fun.

We  have not done pride parades in Belize, but we do have pride parties that serves to unite the community and build morale. If numbers counted for anything, its when a community comes together to dance and show they are a force to be e harness as a political voice. We are not there yet as a country but when the time is right we will be the stretch our muscle  sufficiently for both parties to pay attention.


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